Cena Ends SummerSlam Losing Streak

Almost lost in the shuffle of the opening matchup at SummerSlam, was the fact that going into Sunday's event John Cena had lost his last six SummerSlam contests. Having failed to beat CM Punk, The Big Show, Daniel Bryan, Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, and A.J. Styles in consecutive years, Cena's match against Baron Corbin meant a lot more than just a simple victory.

The normally unbeatable Cena is a 16-time World Champion. On any given night, if the WWE Universe was a betting crowd, they should put their money on Cena to pull out the win. For some reason, SummerSlam has long been his Achilles’ heel. And he's wrestled in every one since 2003.

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If you date back his losses, starting with Punk, you'll notice that it was in 2010 when Cena last won a SummerSlam match. It was there he captained a group of WWE Superstars to a win against The Nexus in a 7-on-7 Elimination Tag-Team Match. Even more hard to believe, Cena's last singles victory going into this Sunday was at SummerSlam against Randy Orton in 2007. Prior to that, his record wasn't one to brag about.


With another loss a possibility against Baron Corbin, Cena came into Brooklyn, opened the main show of the card and handily defeated Corbin snap his losing streak. In the process, he put an emphatic stamp on the rumors that Corbin has lost the confidence of the management in WWE and is likely moving down the card, having proved he's not necessarily main event material.

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Heading into SummerSlam, Cobrin was one of few people to fail at using his Money in the Bank briefcase and guaranteed shot at the reigning champion. On an episode of SmackDown Live, Corbin tried to cash in on current champion Jinder Mahal and was thwarted by Cena who distracted Corbin long enough to let Mahal get the pin. It was this interference that led to the animosity between Corbin and Cena in the first place.

Cena has officially gotten back on the winning track at SummerSlam. He'll have done so just in time to start shooting the new Transformers movie BumblebeeOne might question if this was the right time to have Cena get back to his winning ways. What it means for Corbin and his future on SmackDown Live is still uncertain.

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