Cesaro Reveals Best Bit Of Advice He's Taken From John Cena

Cesaro says he's taking nothing for granted as he goes about his wrestling career and in no way feels entitled where fan support is concerned.

The Swiss star is one of the more impressive performers on the WWE roster but knows that he's only as good as his last match, something he picked up from John Cena.

Cesaro spoke to Indian publication Sportskeeda recently, discussing his worth ethic and the mentality he goes into every fight with.

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“I’m very honored. I don’t take it lightly, as some people might just be like, ‘Ah yeah, I’m awesome and everybody likes me!’," he explained. "Something that John Cena always said: you’re only as good as your last match. And I believe that.

“Every match I try to do as good as possible with whatever I’m given because technically you never know when your last match is. I’d hate to be like, ‘I don’t feel like it tonight,’ and then something terrible happens.

“I feel like to the fans, no matter where you come to see a show, if you’re part of an eight-man or if you’re in a singles match, it doesn’t matter. You just put on the best show so they’ll remember it, and I don’t take that pressure lightly.”

No NXT, Though...

Cesaro enjoyed a very fruitful partnership with Celtic Warrior Sheamus as one half of The Bar but previously revealed that he's keen on continuing his run as a singles competitor following questions of the tag team potentially reuniting.

He's not looking to head back to NXT either, with Finn Balor having returned to the black and gold brand and suggestions that other Raw and SmackDown superstars will be following.

It would be great to see The Bar reform sometime in the future but it's also interesting to see how big of a push Cesaro will get now that he's a lone wolf again.

Source: Sportskeeda

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