Cesaro And Sin Cara Upset With WWE

"I'm not on the cover of the program. I'm barely promoted ... I'm not in the signature that's produced at the start of the show." - CM Punk, 06/27/2011 (Pipe Bomb)

For all the hatred CM Punk has received, his words of distain towards the WWE Machine and their promotional tactics ring true to this day. As is the case with two current WWE Superstars who have recently voiced their displeasure with WWE's promotional approach.

First, we have Cesaro, who would Tweet the following in regards to the WWE Live Switzerland promotional poster:

Next, Sina Cara would also take to the Social Media outlet to voice his opinion on being left off the WWE Live Mexico Tour promotional poster:

Loose Translation: "When I could not even be on the poster of the show in my country."

It's been over five years since that promo in Las Vegas. Back then, CM Punk was fighting for "change." And while the Chicago native now fights to be humiliated inside a cage, his "Pipe Bomb" message continues to linger within the WWE atmosphere.

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