Watch Cesaro Destroy a Fan’s Beach Ball at SummerSlam

During his tag team title defense on SummerSlam, Cesaro jumped into the crowd to destroy a fans beach ball.

If you've ever been to a live event and been more distracted by the crowd than paid attention to the wrestlers in the ring, you'll appreciate the efforts by Cesaro during the Raw Tag Team Championship match.

In an effort not to the let the crowd hijack the match, Cesaro noticed the Brooklyn SummerSlam crowd paying more attention to a beach ball that was making its way through the crowd. As soon as the ball came to a stop, Cesaro saw the opportunity to jump the guardrail, enter the crowd, grab the ball and promptly destroy it.


The above video doesn't show the greatest angle of Cesaro actually entering the crowd. Below you can see clearly the audience went nuts with enthusiasm as soon as Cesaro decided to bring the ball, so to speak, back into his court.

Cesaro's actions at first had many confused, including the announcers who were wondering what he was doing jumping into the crowd. If you didn't catch a glimpse of the ball before Cesaro jumped the rail, you might have believed there was something strange going on with the booking of the match. Instead, Cesaro acted completely on impulse and told the Brooklyn crowd he wasn't going to have any of their nonsense.


Cesaro has long been known as the WWE's most underrated WWE Superstar. Actions like this might be enough to warrant consideration as someone who understands there are opportunities everywhere in the WWE. You can almost guarantee that Raw on Monday will be full of signs in the "Cesaro Section" that will be beach ball related.

The WWE can only hope that this move is not the high point of the pay-per-view. While a number of titles changed hands, including the WWE Raw Tag titles, the SummerSlam card up until that point had been rather slow and uneventful.

If there's one thing to learn from this incident, it's that you can't be in the crowd and think Cesaro is going to let you take control of one of his matches. The "Swiss Superman" simply won't stand for it. Take that Brooklyn. You've been served.

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Watch Cesaro Destroy a Fan’s Beach Ball at SummerSlam