Cesaro Reveals Whether Or Not He And Sheamus Will Reunite As Tag Team

Cesaro recently conducted an interview where he said he’s still great friends with Sheamus but doesn’t see them reuniting as a tag team.

Sheamus has been out for some time with an injury but recent reports are he’s not far from a return to WWE. When he left, he was one-half of one of the most successful tag teams, The Bar, with Cesaro. Logically, it makes sense to assume the two might reform their tag team, especially considering Cesaro hasn’t done much as a singles competitor.

Cesarso implies, ‘Not so fast.’

The Swiss Superman spoke with Sportskeeda’s Tom Colohue about his future plans and whether they involve Sheamus as his tag team partner.

“It’s great, being part of a tag team is a different challenge than obviously having success as a singles. I’m really stubborn about trying to be successful as a singles wrestler, so that’s what I’m focusing on right now,” he replied.

Cesaro would probably see more success as a tag team partner but for the same reasons he’s got no desire to go to NXT where success is probably a given, Cesaro wants to prove he’s got what it takes to make it as a singles wrestler where insiders believe he’s destined to never get the push he deserves.

Cesaro and Sheamus Will Stay Close

When Sheamus does return, there’s no telling which brand the WWE will place him on. One thing is for sure, with Cesaro and Sheamus becoming best friends, they’ll stay close whether they reunite as a tag team or not.

“I still talk to Sheamus pretty much every day, giving each other c**p! Just like you saw on television.”

That chemistry is one reason WWE may put these two together whether Cesaro sees himself in another role or not.

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