Did Cesaro Just Get His Teeth Knocked Out For Real?

Cesaro looks to have lost his two front teeth after a nasty collision with the ring post during the Raw Tag Team Championship match at No Mercy.

Every championship on the Raw brand was up for grabs at No Mercy on Sunday night. That included the Tag Team Championships, of course, which involved a SummerSlam rematch between challengers Sheamus and Cesaro and champions Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

The likes of New Day and The Usos have been successfully putting tag team wrestling back on the map as of late and their Raw counterparts will undoubtedly have wanted to try and follow suit on Sunday night. For the most part they did exactly that. We saw some impressive athleticism from all four men in a match that eventually saw the champions retain their gold. Who won and lost won't be what this one is remembered for in particular though as certain members of the match took the phrase hard-hitting to the next level.

Midway through the bout Ambrose tossed Cesaro into the turnbuckle. A pretty non-descript manoeuvre effectively used as a transition move for the most part. It didn't exactly go to plan for The Swiss Cyborg on Sunday night though. Cesaro made a little too much contact with the ring post after being thrown into it, smashing his mouth on the top of it. Upon turning around the former champ revealed to the world that the collision had knocked (at least) two of his teeth out.

This isn't the first time in recent months that Cesaro and Sheamus have been at the center of a match where someone has lost a tooth or too. Earlier this year the Irishman delivered a kick to the face of Jeff Hardy which saw a pearly white fly from the mouth of the recently returned veteran, although it was significantly less bloody than Cesaro's offering at No Mercy.


Despite the loss of his teeth after being checked over by a doctor Cesaro fought on bravely, a pretty incredible feat considering how painful the incident looked. Clearly Sheamus's better half is just as tough as he looks. He'll need some work done now though and it'll be interesting to see what battle scars remain by the time Raw rolls around on Monday night.

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