Chad Gable Was Disappointed In American Alpha's SmackDown Run

Chad Gable may be on board with his current tag team set up, but he believes that American Alpha had a lot more to give on SmackDown Live.

One of the hottest storylines of the year was the revelation of Jason Jordan to be Raw General manager Kurt Angle's on-screen son. Well, at least it was supposed to be. Instead, the whole thing has not been accepted by the fans. Following the announcement, the angle never really went anywhere and fans are still waiting for that payoff.

The angle obviously led to Jordan moving to Raw. Meanwhile, on SmackDown Live, Chad Gable was left without a tag team partner. WWE was relatively quick to remedy that as Shelton Benjamin made his return to television to team up with the former Tag Team Champion. That potentially great angle has also fallen a little flat.


While on the current UK tour Gable spoke to the Nottingham Post and divulged a little of what he thinks about the past few months for himself and Jason Jordan. "I was disappointed in the fact we had a lot more to offer than we showed on Smackdown," Gable revealed. Despite them winning the Tag Team Championships on SmackDown Live Gable believes they still had a lot more left to give. He is glad that he was given a brief chance to show what he can do as a singles wrestler though.

Gable also had a lot to say about his new pairing with Benjamin. "He’s been stuck with a new kid, and that could be frustrating for him, but we’ve had some success and he’s fully on board," Gable said before adding that he is very much on board also. We've yet to see evidence of it quite yet, but the former NXT star is hoping he and Benjamin get more of a chance to prove themselves on the main roster than American Alpha did.


Gable and Benjamin are currently the number one contenders to The Usos' crowns on SmackDown Live, and will actually cash in that opportunity tonight when the blue brand take over Manchester, England. As has already been proven when Gable was with American Alpha though, winning the championships alone is not enough to make it in WWE. Gable and Benjamin haven't found that spark, and if they want to make a go of it they'll need to seek that out, champions or not.

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Chad Gable Was Disappointed In American Alpha's SmackDown Run