Chad Gable Has First Interview Since American Alpha Breakup

Chad Gable sat down with Renee Young during SmackDown Live this week to discuss Jason Jordan's move to Raw to be with his 'father' Kurt Angle.

This week on Raw we discovered Kurt Angle's big secret. That, strictly within the realms of WWE, SmackDown Live's Jason Jordan is his illegitimate son. The announcement included the Raw General Manager introducing his long lost son and declaring that he is now a part of the Monday night roster. That's all well and good for the reunited father and son, but what about Chad Gable? The other half of American Alpha is now left on WWE's blue brand without a tag team partner.


On Tuesday night WWE gave the abandoned Gable a chance to say his piece on what he thinks about the whole situation. The former NXT Tag Team Champion sat down backstage with Young who quizzed Gable on what he thought of Angle's revelation, if he knew it was coming, and what's next for him now that his tag partner has made the switch to Raw.

The two-minute interview was featured during Tuesday night's SmackDown Live and is now available via WWE's YouTube channel. Despite it being short, sweet, and to the point Gable managed to get a lot off his chest. He explained to Young that he had no idea of the news until he saw Jordan come through the curtain on Raw, and that 'a little heads up would have been nice'. The overall message though was that he himself needs to move on now, although he wouldn't divulge to Young what exactly that entailed.


The reveal of Jordan to be the illegitimate son of Angle came as somewhat of a surprise. Most fans likely believed that if WWE were going to go down the long lost son route, it would actually be Chad Gable playing the role, especially since he competed at the Olympic Games. Regardless, they've gone with Jordan, and at least this half way explains why American Alpha hasn't been on TV much recently. Following the Gable interview, plus his match with AJ Styles a couple of weeks ago, it would seem that WWE has big plans for Gable as well as his former tag partner.

WWE hasn't used American Alpha particularly well since bringing them up from NXT to SmackDown Live. Even a run as tag-team champions didn't elevate their status much at all. Splitting them up at this point may very well be the right avenue to go down, although the Angle and Jordan story line is dubious, to say the least. Both Jordon and Gable are talented wrestlers though, so it will be interesting to see what lies ahead for them in WWE.

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