NXT Superstar Posts Photo Of His Painful Looking Injury

Chad Lail posted a photo of an injury he suffered at the Performance Center and if you're squeamish we recommend you look away now.

If there's one word that anyone even remotely linked to the business of professional wrestling hates it's the F-word. Fake. Fans and performers within the industry alike are rubbed the wrong way when professional wrestling is described as being fake. No, it isn't a real sports per se, but the word those cynical people are looking for is staged, or predetermined, just don't call it fake.

For those that do call it fake, there are a number of examples you can throw their way proving otherwise. Tyson Kidd's horrific neck injury following a muscle buster from Samoa Joe, former WWE Superstar Droz who is still paralyzed to this day following a freak accident in the ring almost 20 years ago, not to mention wrestlers' careers such as Daniel Bryan and Edge which were cut short thanks to  years in the squared circle.


Not all the injuries suffered by pro wrestlers are as extreme as the ones listed above of course. NXT Superstar Chad Lail recently took to Instagram to show off an injury of his own. While training at the Performance Center down in Florida, Lail somehow managed to bend his little finger. As you can see from the photo below it looks pretty painful, but the wrestler didn't want it to stop him from carrying on with his day apparently asking for it to be taped up so he can carry on with his day.

Fans might not be familiar with the name Chad Lail. The veteran wrestler is better known by the name Gunner which he wrestled under during his time with Impact Wrestling. Lail wrestled with Impact for five years before parting ways with the promotion. He signed with NXT last summer and while he has wrestled at live events he is yet to compete on NXT television.

Lail has been wrestling since 2001, a career he started after serving for the United States Marine Corps during the Iraq war. You'd have to imagine that with a background like that, he will be a firm favorite with Vince McMahon if he makes it to the main roster. Hopefully, he did get that finger taped up right away so that he can continue his efforts to become a star in front of the WWE cameras.


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