17Love: Braun Strowman

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Before the 2016 brand split, Braun Strowman was largely a joke as he was essentially a redundant member of the Wyatt Family. After being separated from the Wyatts, it looked as though his WWE career was doomed as he lacked an enticing character. However, after a series of squash matches

— most importantly, the one pitting him against SmackDown Live's newest addition in James Ellsworth — and a torn scarf, he is slowly becoming Big Show's spiritual successor.

Despite his unprecedented dominance over favorite Sami Zayn, he has won over some fans. Surprisingly, his squash matches garner more views than many other videos on WWE's YouTube page. His making Chris Jericho's List bears testimony to his growing prominence in the McMahon empire. There's no doubt he's come a long way.

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