Future WWE: 20 Changes To Expect Once Vince McMahon Retires

2018, at least financially, might have been the greatest year for pro wrestling. Vince McMahon inked a lucrative billion dollar deal with FOX while the other promotions aren't doing too shabby either. Cody Rhodes and company put on a sold out show, All In, during the fall. The group started the year off with a bang announcing a new promotion, AEW, All Elite Wrestling. The company already has serious links to talents both past and present, including Jim Ross, Chris Jericho and Bill Goldberg. Buckle up, cause 2019 is going to be a crazy ride wrestling fans.

With the XFL also looming, wrestling fans can't help but think what the product might look like once McMahon leaves the picture for good. Thanks to Triple H and NXT's success, we have a strong idea of what the playing field might look like when Vince calls it a career. Given the obvious success of the brand, for the most part, these are welcomed changes that most want to see. Vince is a brilliant mind but it is obvious, the company is in good hands once he steps down.

With that said, we will take a look at various ways the product might change. From a different match style, to new PPV concepts to even a new WWE contract format, these are some of the changes fans should come to expect once Vince hands over his throne. Enjoy folks and like always be sure to share the article. Let's get started!

20 Flexible WWE Contracts

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Triple H understands the nature of the business, more so than Vince some would say in terms of the current product. Now, main roster wrestlers don’t have access to other promotions but those with NXT do. This allows them to grow even further.

Take a team like the Street Profits. They have serious potential but need more dates to work. With that in mind, they are allowed to join other promotions and in fact, they hold the Evolve Tag Championship. Heck, even Fabian Aichner won the Evolve Title while under contract with WWE. Expect this wave to continue when Triple H takes over.

19 More Homage To WCW

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Any chance Vince gets, he still buries WCW to this day. Triple H has a different approach. The savvy wrestling mind that he is, The Game pays homage to the good that WCW brought to the table. The War Games match reemerging is a recent example of that.

With Vince out of the way, we expect this to continue. WWE is already trying to get the rights to the Halloween Havoc name. We expect a great push once Vince steps down. Perhaps the emergence of a World War style of match is another possibility for the future. Having a seasonal Starrcade PPV would be another treat.

18 Tag Team Wrestling Boom

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It is clear as day, Vince and Hunter have different mindsets when it comes to certain divisions. For Vince, tag wrestling isn’t his favorite aspect. For that reason, tag matches are typically booked on the under card or the dreaded 10:15pm slot.

Hunter has a different approach. He fully believes in tag team wrestling. So much so that the Tag Title bouts typically start off TakeOver PPVs. Matches featuring the Undisputed Era and various other teams have stolen the show in the recent months. We expect this theme to continue once Triple H gets his hands all over the product, without McMahon intervening. It will lead to a tag team boom, one we might see with the women very soon as well.

17 Changed Match Structure Philosophy

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The WWE match structure has become so predictable. Most of the time, a heel takes at least 65% of the match. It starts off even, the heel takes over and then the babyface makes a comeback. We have seen this time and time again.

The reason fans love NXT so much is that it steers away from this norm. Hunter and the backstage agents have a different take. Per usual, the babyfaces have the upper hand in most of the matches. In addition, we aren’t seeing dreaded submissions slowing down the match pace. Hunter understands the new school of wrestling and it will translate onto the main roster once he’s in charge.

16 Fewer PPV Matches

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Let’s compare a recent TakeOver card to a recent WWE PPV. The most recent PPV to take place was WWE TLC.. The card featured 12 matches with 10 on the main card! As for the War Games event; the card had five matches.

The advantage of fewer matches is more talents getting the proper chance the shine. Vince instead chooses to stack the cards getting as many talents as possible on the show. That flawed mindset will change in a hurry once Hunter’s in charge. We can expect longer matches with fewer wrestlers.

15 Marquee Matches On Television

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Aside from a major title change featuring AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan on SmackDown Live, rarely do we see such marquee matches taking place on the main show. Heck, RAW's champion isn't even featured on the show regularly.

Triple H has a different approach. Similar to the Attitude Era, Hunter isn't afraid to book major matches for NXT programming. We have seen titles change hands on the weekly show along with phenomenal matches such as Pete Dunne against Ricochet. This aggressive style of booking is a future change WWE fans can expect.

14 Cruiserweight Title Becomes Coveted Championship

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Triple H knows how to book Cruiserweights properly. We saw evidence of that during the Cruiserweight Classic. Fans salivated at the division joining RAW. However, a major letdown, McMahon took over the weight class and it led to its instant demise.

Triple H has since taken over and again and he is doing a phenomenal job. Looking at the recent push of Mustafa Ali, we expect this trend to continue. By the time Hunter in charge as the face of the company, the title will become one of the most coveted in WWE. Although Vince has a bad track record with Cruiserweights, look for Triple H to fix that problem.

13 More MMA Talents

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The playing field has changed drastically since Ronda Rousey joined WWE. Suddenly, the Women's Division is a premium part of WWE programming, far superior to the men these days.

That all happened with Triple H's reliance on Rousey and the world of MMA. This is a trend likely to continue. Expect to see various others join in the future. With Triple H in charge, inking a WWE deal might become that much easier. Those rumored to a WWE deal from MMA include Paige VanZant, Cris Cyborg and Daniel Cormier.

12 Pushing The Brand As A Sport and Not Entertainment

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This is where McMahon differentiates from others. He views WWE as entertainment while various others regard the field as a sport. Especially in this day and age, fans are paying a premium price to watch the athleticism of the talent more than anything else.

McMahon might be forced to switch his mindset soon, especially with the FOX deal. According to recent speculation, FOX plans on pushing the product as a serious sport and not entertainment. This is a change we might see before McMahon even steps down, and it is for the best.

11 Utilization Of The Entire Roster

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We are not talking about throwing random wrestlers in a battle royal here. What makes NXT so great is Triple H's ability to use the entire roster. One week we will see Aleister Black and the next week, it's Johnny Gargano. Booking with such a mentality allows for more talent to be utilized. It also makes the wrestlers attraction acts. So when we see them, they seem fresh; unlike the WWE product.

Even a wrestler as great as Seth Rollins can get repetitive given his over usage. With Triple H in charge, he will use all the pieces to his disposal, even it means giving someone like Seth the night off.

10 More Managers

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Similar to tag team wrestling, McMahon looks down on managers for whatever reason. Triple H however, fully understands the physiology behind a manager. We have seen various managers emerge starting from NXT, and we expect this formula to continue.

By the time Hunter takes over, we will see this trend increase quite substantially. It will add a new dynamic to matches while also improving the promo work of the overall product. For those who can't speak, there is no need to put a live microphone in front of them. That's what managers are for.

9 A Battle of Factions

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Triple H is no stranger when it comes to starting a successful faction. He did so during his days with D-Generation X and he continues to do so with the Undisputed Era and various other teams behind the scenes.

We will see this theme continue once he gains full authority. In fact, there is also an ongoing rumor that Triple H can lead an invasion angle in late 2019, bringing his NXT wrestlers to the main roster shows. A faction can add a strong dynamic to a wrestling program, one that Vince has failed to hit the mark with given the recent groups that he created (League of Nation, McIntyre, Ziggler and Strowman).

8 Main Roster Talents Sent Down To NXT

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According to his interview with Inquisitr, we can see main roster wrestlers joining NXT sooner rather than later. In fact, Luke Harper and Tyler Breeze, two underutilized wrestlers, recently appeared on the show during a live event.

Triple H wants to make this a norm moving forward. However, instead of sporadic appearances, let's say a struggling star like Apollo Crews can permanently move to NXT and regain his confidence. Not only can this move help the struggling wrestler but it can also aid the NXT stars who will benefit from working with an experienced main roster Superstar. This is a win-win scenario we should all expect once McMahon steps down.

7 More Female Only PPVs

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At one point, it was rumored that the women were to get their own brand. In this current climate, that would hurt the overall product given the success of the women nowadays. Not only are they thriving, but they are main eventing weekly programming along with PPVs and possibly, WrestleMania.

Most of that has to do with Triple H believing in the female as excellent in-ring performers. Once Vince leaves for good, Triple H will look to pounce even more. Along with the Mae Young Classic and the Evolution PPV, the company will be aggressive when it comes to booking the women, perhaps giving them additional PPV time (or on the weekly shows).

6 More Tournaments In and Out Of The Main Roster Picture

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It's no secret, Hunter loves a tournament. Whether it be the excitement of the matches or what it can do to a wrestler's career, The Game isn't afraid to book a tournament. He succeeded with both the Cruiserweight and Mae Young Classic.

We can expect this to expand both on the main rosters and outside of the main roster picture. It wouldn't surprise us to see national tournaments, like one featuring wrestlers specific to a country or a UK only type of tournament similar to what we have seen in the past. With Triple H's mind on expansion, we might see tournaments taking place simultaneously around the world in different PC hubs.

5 No More Part-Time Champions

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Somehow, entering 2019, WWE still has a part-time champion in Brock Lesnar. We thought the nightmare was over once he was dethroned by Roman Reigns. However, Lesnar is the champion again following Roman's hiatus.

Don't expect anything similar once McMahon retires. Hunter doesn't believe in part-time champions. Instead, he wants a fighting champion available every single show. When Vince leaves the picture, expect a similar fate for Brock, at least in terms of the Universal Championship scene. Most fans won't object to that.

4 UK Talent Takes Prominent Position

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It is rather clear that Triple H has a connection with the UK fan base and talent from the area. NXT UK continues to boom. They now have their very own brand that stands on its own.

Expect big things from these talents in the future. It wouldn't be surprising in the least to see both Pete Dunne and Rhea Ripley on top of the WWE mountain one day. At this point, both are dominating their divisions. In five years, they might be dominating the main roster scene along with various other UK prospects.

3 Hollywood Style Writers Replaced

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Nowadays, the backstage landscape of WWE is drastically different. In the '90s, Vince McMahon, Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson would write the entire show pool side with a paper and pen. Today, there's a mob of writers backstage, typing up a script just hours before the show.

Fans soured on Hollywood writers a long time ago. Triple H in particular uses wrestlers from the past to aid the talent with promos and dialogue on the shows. Once Vince calls it a day, Hunter will make this change official on the main roster as well. Forget about scripts, it will go back to bullet points, the way it should be.

2 Long-Term Storylines

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Triple H is a master when it comes to storytelling. We can't say the same for Vince, who let's go of a storyline at the blink of an eye as it seems. As per usual, a storyline lasts a couple of weeks and then it's on to the next one.

Hunter begs to differ. Take the Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa rivalry, can you believe it all started in May of 2017? In January of 2019, the two might be coming full circle and realigning with one another. Now that's a true art form of storytelling. Expect similar storytelling once Vince leaves.

1 Less Talking, More Wrestling

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Promos don't last all that long with NXT. Sure, they only have an hour but the program is mostly centered around in-ring action. As for the main roster, we have seen scenarios of a promo spilling over to a commercial break. The re-launch skit with the McMahon family was a recent example of that.

With FOX wanting more of a sport feel and Hunter booking in-ring action predominately, that will lead to fewer meaningless skits and more action, which is exactly what the modern day fan really wants to see.

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