5 Big Changes The WWE Should Make, But Won't!

All of the major sports have done things over time, such as make changes to their games, in order to try and improve the product/bring in more viewers. And the biggest home of "sports entertainment" is no different. Vince McMahon has definitely made changes to the product many times over the last 30+ years. But, what kind of WWE fans would we be if we didn't have a few things to complain about?

So, without further ado, here is a list of five big changes that the organization should make right now. And although McMahon is always open to doing things to improve the WWE - we aren't holding our breath that our five suggestions will ever be put into action.


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So, the superstars for a match have made their way to the ring, their entrance music has played and everyone is hyped for the fight. Then things start and the fight is building and just as we are getting into it - CUT TO COMMERCIAL!

Wrestling matches - at least the good ones - are telling a story. They are building with a momentum that is able to grab you and build your excitement for what is going on. And nothing kills that momentum like a commercial break.

And most of us have probably changed the channel or gone to get something to eat during the commercial break only to return to the show a little too late and miss more of the match. It's annoying, frustrating and it really isn't fair to the audience watching at home or the superstars and the work they are doing.


And this would seemingly be an easy one to implement as well. Just time things up so that you can head to a commercial break between matches. They should be able to create enough time during the show to be able to not have to cut away during - what is the reason we are all watching the show to begin with - the wrestling matches!



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Vince McMahon and the WWE made the decision to stop using pyrotechnics on their shows last year. They made that decision for financial reasons but I think that we can all agree that it was a bad one.

Sure, they may be saving a few bucks, but is there anything more lame than what it did to, for example, Brock Lesnar's entrance. Now he just stands there bouncing side to side and then when the music hits the right moment he lifts his arms up and with the fury of a beast slams them down to his side and.... nothing! No pyro! Lame!


We aren't asking for big firework shows after every PPV. Just bring back the pyro for the superstar entrances at least! It might not seem like a big thing, but it is bigger than maybe they realized when they cut them from the shows. And it is something that fans really notice.



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Roman Reigns is athletic and imposing and is a talented wrestler who can put on a great show. But he is terrible on the mic!

Sure, much of the WWE universe don't like him because they feel that the powers that be have pushed him down their throats in a transparent effort to make him the new face of the company. But, as much as they boo him and deride him, they are also a smart audience that appreciates when someone puts on an awesome show, and Reigns has done that on multiple occasions. But then he goes and opens his mouth and ruins everything.

He is awful on the mic - with almost everything he says sounding as forced and scripted as it all probably is. Just thinking about that whole "I'm not a good guy. I'm not a bad guy. I'm the guy!" promo he did will make you cringe. So, shut him up!

Whether it means giving him a manager/advocate to do the talking for him or, have him go full mute - a la Sting back in his awesome "The Crow" WCW days - they need to keep Reigns quiet.



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Being a WWE Superstar is a grueling gig. Not only are there the TV shows every week, but there are all the live shows they do and all the travel that comes with it all. A superstar can easily be on the road up to 200 days a year and, as we all know, it is very physical work!

It's hard on their bodies, hard on their family life and can be mentally hard as well - leading to substance abuse, injuries and ruined relationships (obviously there are other factors, but the crazy schedule must be taken into account).

Not to mention the toll it all takes on WWE Creative who need to constantly be creating stories and rivalries and looking two steps ahead at all times.  That can sometimes lead to episodes of Raw and SmackDown that really suck with time-fillers and poor execution of bad ideas.

So, give everyone a little time off. An off season! Only a month or two. But time for the superstars to rest and recuperate and time for WWE creative to really think through some of their ideas and not feel rushed to just produce for the sake of producing.

It could even help with the fans as well. Right now there is so much wrestling on all the time that it can feel over-saturated for the casual fan. But take it away for a month or two during the year and that would build up the anticipation and get people really excited for the product when it is on.



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a) I know the big kicker on this list is the fact that these are ideas that we don't think, unfortunately, will ever be made. But, I felt that ending on a slightly more positive note was the way to go. So, I threw in these two ideas that could, possibly, actually happen some day!

Making Raw two hours seems like a no-brainer. This relates back to the off-season idea and the fact that there are just too many hours of WWE happening now that the casual fan can't watch/keep up with it all. And we have all watched episodes of Raw where it has been painful to watch them try to fill the whole three hours.

And as many of you probably remember, Raw used to be two hours long and only went to three hours back in 2012. A Forbes article from last year discussed this very idea and how the WWE went to the three-hour format for financial reason (big surprise right?!) to increase WWE's television rights fees. But with deals up for renewal in 2019 and the way ratings have been falling, going back to a two-hour Raw could be the way to go.

b) As for a women's tag team title this one is an even bigger no-brainer than the two-hour Raw. While there can be some good storylines and feuds created without a title at stake, having a belt on the line always adds something to it and gives it more weight.

And we also know that the WWE loves creating stables and partnerships among the women - so why not give them something to really fight for? If it was up to me there would be a Women's Intercontinental title and a Women's United States title as well - but we can at least start with tag teams. And it's not like there isn't enough female talent to do it either. I mean they just did a 30-woman Royal Rumble!

WWE Hall of Famer Lita spoke about the possibility of women's tag titles during a Q&A last year in Paris:

"There has been talks of tag titles for the Women’s Division, and I think that I love that they first introduced the MITB briefcase, that’s been a long time coming and that adds an element of surprise within the title picture. I would love to see these rumored tag titles appear sooner than later."

And in an interview with Sky Sports last week, Sasha Banks had this to say about the idea:

"I would love that. I think we have enough women on the roster now to actually have a women’s tag division. We’ve been given multiple storylines but at the same time, it’s very hard to accomplish something if you’re not actually fighting for anything. Only one woman can go after the women’s championship and I think if we had tag team championships we’d be able to create way more interesting storylines. We have tag matches all the time, every single week, so I say why not get a championship involved in that?"

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