Two Former Women's Champions Could Be Turning Babyface Soon [Rumor]

With the WWE draft now done with, the creative team can go about planning some new storylines and character changes for certain superstars.

And it already sounds like we could be seeing a couple of major women's talents flipping from heel to babyface in short time. This is according to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Ringside News).

The report suggests that even though she only turned heel two months ago, Sasha Banks could be turning face soon. The Observer noted that "the women’s face side on SmackDown is very weak," which could mean a Banks-Bayley feud. Lacey Evans was also mentioned as someone who could turn face.

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The latter only recently completed a heel turn of her own, and Bayley's character underwent a new appearance to go along with her villainous role. It wouldn't make much sense to flip her to the good side now.

And finally, the Observer also mentioned that "the plan is for "long-time heel Charlotte Flair to become a babyface again after being moved to Monday Night Raw through the draft.

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Banks and Charlotte have excelled as both heels and babyfaces throughout their careers, so WWE has the option to do whatever with the two former Raw Women's Champions at either time.

But as the Observer noted, there's a major need for a top women's babyface on SmackDown, and Charlotte's move to Raw leaves the brand with few options. Alexa Bliss would be another prime candidate, but she's working with Nikki Cross in the tag team division, so a singles feud with Bayley doesn't seem likely right now.

It's Too Early To Turn Banks

Becky Lynch is the lead babyface in the women's division on Raw, but it doesn't hurt to make Charlotte a face as well. But with Banks, she's been flourishing as a heel over these last two months, so it feels a tad bit early to flip her back into the face role. It makes more sense to keep her heel for a while longer with Bayley, then WWE can pull the plug and turn one of them face again.

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