Charlotte Flair Accused Of Stealing GFW Gimmick

The idea that any wrestler has a truly unique gimmick is rare. Perhaps a character like "Broken' Matt Hardy is about as close as one comes to thinking up something truly original. So, when another wrestler comes along and seemingly takes ideas from another, it's often considered just a part of the business. In other instances, the copying wrestler is called out. Such is the case when Unified GFW Knockouts Champion Sienna recently drew attention to Charlotte Flair's apparent willingness to take her ideas.

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Sienna took to Twitter on Monday night to call out Flair for gimmick infringement. She posted side-by-side comparison photos of Charlotte and herself, claiming Charlotte had gone too far and Sienna was no longer able to sit silently by and let it continue. She was upset that Flair had stolen her ideas for feathery outfits, flashy makeup and her usage of the “Pinkies Up” hand sign.

Sienna's tweet has not gotten a response from Flair, at least directly. It likely won't. In reality, while Charlotte Flair has done quite well for herself in WWE and she's done wonders for Women's wrestling as a whole, she's not a uniquely original idea. Her character is full of characteristics that were made popular by her father Ric Flair. Which she made clear in a tweet with a cup of tea emoji.

The strut, the flashy robes, the "WOOOOO!" that she often screams mid match, even the tendency to take a bump like her old man shows shades of influence in her personality that fans have become so accustomed to seeing each week on SmackDown Live

Drawing attention to this issue the way Sienna has could serve two purposes. Sienna is either doing what many smart up-and-coming wrestlers would do, and that's taking advantage of an opening and drawing attention to herself, or, she's legitimately upset that she believes she originated these ideas and feels Flair should back off.

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The unwritten code in wrestling is to ask a fellow wrestler for permission to use certain ideas they made famous. From finishing maneuvers to personas and even hand gestures, few wrestlers want to be known as someone who can't come up with original ideas. But, this code is often forgotten when it comes to a mainstream wrestler taking an idea from a smaller, less mainstream promotion like GFW.

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Flair isn't bound to receive any heat from the WWE for her character and GFW is not likely to pursue the matter. This is simply, at best, is a squabble between two wrestlers, which at this point, is just someone venting on deaf ears.

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