Charlotte Flair Reveals The Best Advice Ric Ever Gave Her

She may not be that close to the SmackDown Live Women’s Championship picture at the present, but you cannot, and should not dismiss Charlotte Flair as an also-ran, especially if she becomes this year’s Ms. Money in the Bank on Sunday. As someone who held women’s titles on NXT, Raw, and SmackDown, as well as the now-defunct Divas Championship, Flair is the most decorated woman in WWE’s active female roster, and it’s easy to imagine her having many more years to come in the WWE, not to mention many more titles. She’s achieved it all, thanks in no small part to her father, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, and the advice he’s given her through the years.

Speaking to ESPN at WWE’s “For Your Emmy Consideration” event last week, Charlotte was one of several wrestlers who answered questions and shared some of the most memorable moments from their careers on the red carpet. While Charlotte unsurprisingly put over her match against Sasha Banks at Hell in a Cell in 2016 and called it her favorite pioneering women’s wrestling match, she had an interesting answer when asked about the best advice her father Ric had given her.


“He always says when you first go through the curtain that you have to know who you are. If you don't believe in yourself, the audience isn't going to believe in you. Always be on. That always stuck with me.”

Despite the fact she grew up as the daughter of one of the biggest legends in all of pro wrestling, the real-life Ashley Fliehr wasn't always interested in joining the wrestling business. It was only when she hit her mid-20s that she considered following in her dad and brothers' footsteps as a wrestler. While she had no prior experience in the independent scene prior to signing with WWE/NXT, Charlotte proved to be a quick learner and has been rewarded with a strong push almost all throughout her run in both the developmental and main roster.

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It’s very simple advice, yet we completely agree with it. Wrestlers often appear in front of audiences playing characters that are often similar to their real-life personas if turned up to eleven, and while these characters aren’t always that similar, it’s important to sell that character and look as believable as possible, while also believing in oneself. Charlotte Flair is a very different person away from the ring than she is on camera, but it’s clear to anyone who watches her that she knows how to convincingly hype herself as the “Queen” of women’s wrestling.

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