Ric Flair Couldn't Remember Charlotte When He Woke From Coma

Charlotte Flair opens up about the heartbreaking moment that her father Ric Flair couldn't remember who she was after waking from his coma.

This summer, pro wrestling fans were taken on something of a roller coaster ride when it came to the health and survival of Ric Flair. The 16 time World Champion was rushed into hospital and placed into a medically induced coma. For a while there, it felt like the situation was very touch and go and the wrestling world is lucky to still have Ric Flair here today.

By all accounts, it sounds like The Nature Boy is very far along the road to recovery right now. In terms of Flair's health, it was revealed that a lifetime of alcohol abuse led to his hospitalization recently and Naitch has now given up drinking. On the business side of things, Ric's life looks as good as ever. His 30 for 30 documentaries on ESPN will air later this year, plus his and Charlotte's book Second Nature has just been released.


Speaking of Charlotte, the former Women's Champion opened up about her father being ill on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast. Baby Flair revealed that when Ric was roused from his coma, he had no idea who Charlotte even was. "He was just pushing the walker and quoting numbers of towns from shows in the '80s," Charlotte explained to Sam, "he can quote me the numbers from a show in Chicago in the 80’s but he doesn’t know who I am." She also said that Naitch performed his signature strut soon after.

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The image of Ric waking from a coma and not recognizing his own daughter is a heartbreaking one, especially for Charlotte. The fact that his strut and details of wrestling shows during the '80s sprung to mind before the rest of his memory came back is maybe a sign of what's most important to Ric. Charlotte even said later during her interview with Roberts that wrestling is more important to her dad than anything, and that it's only since she herself has been in the business that the two of them have become close.


In a world where it feels like we lose a legendary pro wrestler from the past almost every other week, it's extremely fortuitous that we still live in a world where Ric Flair still exists. Arguably the greatest pro wrestler of all time here's hoping that The Nature Boy is around for another 30 years at least.

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