Charlotte Returns To Action, Gives Update on Ric Flair

The past several days have been full of good news when it comes to the health of WWE great Ric Flair.

Flair ended up getting admitted to an Atlanta hospital a few weeks ago for what appeared to be a routine check up. He ended up suffering organ failure as well an infection that forced doctors to put him in a medically-induced coma. At one point, it seemed as though he may not make it.

Recently, Flair's fiancee Wendy Barlow posted a message on Facebook recently, stating that he's doing better and is recovering. Then earlier this week we finally heard from Flair himself on Twitter as he shared that he's once again getting back up after being knocked down.

Now Flair’s daughter Charlotte gave an update that was posted on the WWE's Twitter account.

Charlotte said that these past two weeks have been the hardest she's ever had. She stated that her dad is a fighter and thanked everyone for their messages and prayers through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and via text.

Charlotte stated that the messages have meant a lot to her and her family and that her dad would really appreciate it.  She went on to say that he has a "long road." He won't be back strutting next week, but Charlotte says that the prayers and positive vibes really helped, adding that she wouldn't be back with the WWE if things weren't looking good. She said she's glad to be back on the road with the WWE and that it's where she belongs.

Charlotte also said she needed to get back into the groove of things, which she has now done by reuniting with the SmackDown Live show.


It looks like Charlotte is close to returning to SmackDown Live, and the show has definitely missed her presence while she was away. While she didn't wrestle on Tuesday night, she did participate in a dark match which is a good way to get her back in the swing of things.

Without any surprise at all, given the fact that Charlotte is Flair's daughter, she has quickly become one top female wrestlers ever. She's quickly become one of the most decorated superstars on the roster with an NXT Women's Championship, Diva's Championship, as well as four  Raw Women's Champion notched on her resume.

The WWE also recently announced that Flair is undergoing physical therapy after going through an undisclosed surgery.

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