Charlotte Reveals Why Ric Flair's Retirement Caused A Split In Their Relationship

Photo from Official WWE wikiWWE SmackDown Women's Champion and daughter of wrestling legend Ric Flair, Charlotte, released a book entitled "Second Nature" earlier in the year and sat down with FOX News to talk about it.

During the interview, Charlotte admitted that she wishes she could have been more understanding when her dad decided to walk away from wrestling in 2008 when it came to why it was so difficult for him to walk away.

"When I look back, I just wish I could have been more understanding in 2008 when he retired, because I just couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t just walk away from the job....But now being apart of the company [WWE] and understanding what it’s like to be in the main event, to feel the rush of the crowd...that’s what he did for his entire life and I understand now why he couldn’t walk away. Now I see why [but] in 2008 I couldn’t understand and I just gave him a hard time and we just went separate ways. But it was a growing process for both of us."


Wrestling is not the only sport that people have a hard time walking away from. Baseball, basketball and football players, as well as other athletes never want to call it quits and I'm sure it's due to the fact that they love the limelight as well. At least wrestlers are able to typically compete into their 50s and 6os. Whereas, other athletes have to retire between their late 20s and 30s.

Hopefully Charlotte can learn from her father on how not to leave the sport. Even though she's only 31 years-old, it's something she'll need to face at some point.

Photo from Official WWE wiki

Charlotte also said during the interview that she wants to continue her dad's legacy while also making her own mark on the sport of wrestling.

Charlotte was asked what she wants her fans to learn from her own story.

"Most importantly, your past doesn’t define you. If you find something that you're passionate about your world can change," she said.

In her book, Charlotte also talked about divorcing her ex-husband Riki Johnson after only one year of marriage due to him domestically assaulting her. She then made another mistake in 2013 by marrying Thomas Latimer, but they got divorced in 2015. So now we know why Charlotte says to not let your past define you. Which is true because it's a waste of time to dwell on the mistakes you've made.


Charlotte has dominated the WWE women's division since making her debut in 2015 for Raw. She's the only female wrestler to have held all three active titles for the women's division.

Charlotte has won the WWE Divas Championship once, WWE Raw Women's Championship four times, and the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship once.

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