Check Out Adam Rose's New Look! Will It Succeed?

After appearing on an E:60 documentary for ESPN, many expected Adam Rose's stock to rise significantly. Unfortunately, he still had a huge obstacle in front of him, which was a gimmick that would never fly in the WWE. While it might've worked in NXT, there was no way Rose would get over on the main roster by coming out with a Bunny....and then feuding with it. So, he's gone back to NXT and debuted this brand new look as "The Party Pooper." He's now a heel and will look to ruin parties, rather than start them.

Will this work? I really don't see it happening. He's a skilled in-ring worker and is decent on the microphone, so it's possible that he can spin this into something successful, but this has the feeling of a Simon Dean-type character (someone who looks kinda dumb, but comes out and tell the fans they're dumb), which never really got over with fans. I hope to be wrong in this case as I'm a fan of Adam Rose, but I think they might need to go back to the drawing board again...

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