Check Out Goldberg's Return To The Ring!

A huge section of wrestling fans feel that Goldberg was hard done by the WWE in his brief appearance with the company, and that group of fans have been praying for a return from Goldberg, in some capacity. Well, they might not have got a full match appearance, but they at least got to see him spear Scott Steiner!

At the Legends of Wrestling event that took place on Sunday night in New York, Steiner was beating down RVD after their match before Goldberg decided that it was enough. In street clothes, Goldberg emerged and speared Big Poppa Pump, before giving a jackhammer to Doc Gallows. They then gave him the microphone, where he shouted "I'm Back!" Could Goldberg be returning to have a match with Steiner at the next Legends of Wrestling event? It would definitely help them sell some tickets...

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