Check Out This Awesome Drinking Game for WWE Fastlane!!

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Are you a WWE fan who's still frustrated from the Royal Rumble and is anxiously awaiting WrestleMania, with the hopes that it can make up for the most boring Rumble match in years? Well, what can you do while you wait for WM31? Watch WWE Fastlane? I know, it doesn't sound that interesting... Until now. With this awesome drinking game, you can get full value out of WWE Fastlane and maybe enjoy the event (bad infomercial over).

Well, in fairness, WWE Fastlane has an interesting card (minus any involvement of Bis Show and Kane), along with a main event that will have WWE fans arks in a panic throughout. On top of that, we'll get to see Sting which is always pretty cool. With this game, you'll get to see what will hopefully be a decent event AND you'll get drunk with your friends (or alone, if that's how you roll). Win/Win!


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