Chris Jericho's New Target Proves He Isn't Done With New Japan [VIDEO]

Chris Jericho is not done with New Japan yet. At New Year Dash Y2J attacked Tetsuya Naito, seemingly setting up an angle between the two.

For the last few months, the pro wrestling world has been set on fire by one rivalry, Chris Jericho versus Kenny Omega. The battle between the two became extremely heated even before they had been in the same building as one another. Then this past Thursday, the night finally arrived when we would get to see them wrestle, and it did not disappoint.

The match went for almost half an hour and Jericho proved that at the age of 47, he can still put on a bout worthy of headlining any show anywhere in the world. Unfortunately for the six-time World Champion, he did not emerge victorious, however. That was likely never the point for Y2J though and all he wanted was an epic Wrestle Kingdom match inside the Tokyo Dome. He certainly got that.


Many believed that Jericho's foray into New Japan to wrestle The Cleaner would be a one and done shot deal, but judging by what happened on Friday, that is not the case. The promotion held their night-after-Wrestle Kingdom event, New Year Dash, and it closed out with Y2J attacking Tetsuya Naito, one of NJPW's top stars and the man who lost to Kazuchika Okada in Thursday night's main event.

In the NYD main event Naito's team, Los Ingobernables de Japon, defeated CHAOS. While Naito was celebrating, Jericho rushed the ring and began raining fists down on Naito. While being separated Naito spat at Y2J, something he does to all of his opponents, and naturally that enraged the WWE guy. When the former Intercontinental Champion was outside the ring, he began throwing anything he could get his hands on at his latest foe while Naito simply sat on a chair with his back to his attacker.

While this may have come as a surprise to most, the warning signs were there. On Talk Is Jericho last week, Y2J and New Japan announcer Don Callis discussed Naito blanking Jericho a few weeks ago and speculated it was because he didn't like he and Omega taking attention away from his match with Okada. That was clearly The Ayatollah of Rock N' Rolla planting seeds for what was coming next, and will likely be the reason he gives for attacking Naito at NYD.


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