Chris Jericho Takes Responsibility For AEW Signing Jon Moxley & Getting A Deal With TNT

All Elite Wrestling World Champion Chris Jericho says AEW probably wouldn't have landed Jon Moxley or signed a deal with TNT had it not been for his involvement.

The startup company has wasted no time taking as many big steps as they can, having locked down some of today's finest wrestlers and getting top TV deals, both in the US and the UK.

Moxley is arguably the biggest name the promotion has added to its roster to date and Jericho has revealed that he's responsible for recruiting the man formerly known as Dean Ambrose.

Speaking in a recent interview with Mature Audiences Mayhem, the AEW superstar claimed that he's responsible for Mox's recruitment, as well as Sammy Guevara's, Dean Malenko's, and a few other wrestlers we have yet to see.

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“If not for Chris Jericho being involved, maybe we don’t get the deal with TNT, we don’t get Jon Moxley, who I recruited, or Sammy Guevara, Dean Malenko, a couple of guys you haven’t even seen yet," he said, via Sescoops.com.

Jericho also revealed that he was encouraged to take AEW's offer by Vince McMahon after speaking to the WWE chairman about the deal he'd received.

It appears that there's no bad blood between Chris and Vince despite the former taking occasional pops at the latter's promotion on social media. Jericho says McMahon also signed off on his leaving WWE to compete in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

The former WWE superstar admits that he might not be considered to be wrestling's greatest of all time but has the best longevity when it comes to staying top rung during different eras in the industry.

So AEW Wouldn't Sign Moxley If Not For Y2J?

Despite Chris's claims, it's hard to imagine Mox turning down an offer from AEW after he let his contract run out at WWE. Sure he may have had some influence and, while we can't know for sure, it just seems like the promotion would have gotten their man without involvement from Y2J had he not been around.

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