Chris Jericho Says AEW Isn't Open To New Talent Anymore

AEW World Champion Chris Jericho has made some strong claims regarding the new company's recruiting plans, stating that they aren't looking to bring in anyone new.

The promotion looks properly settled at the moment, having hosted several TV shows on TNT to date, all while gearing up for its next PPV, one in which "Le Champion" will defend his belt against Cody Rhodes.

Jericho recently told ScreenGeek that AEW is focused on trying to turn performer on its roster into household names and, as a result, doesn't want any new talent.

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“We’re not looking to hire anybody else right now,” he declared. “If someone comes along that makes sense, we will, but we have so much talent that people don’t even know, they don’t even know the Young Bucks yet! That’s what I’m saying, you have to understand, this is our first show, you can’t assume that everyone knows who these guys are.

“I haven’t been on TV for two years. What’s the first line I ever said on AEW TV? ‘My name is Chris Jericho, and I am the champion of AEW’. That pretty much tells the tale. ‘Oh, who is that guy? Oh, he’s the champion?’ Boom. Done. It’s like a good movie poster that tells you what it is.”

Jericho implied that AEW is of the notion that they should further develop the wrestlers who are already part of the brand instead of bringing in every available free agent.

“It’s really important to establish who these guys are, so that when people see them they’ll freak out as to why they’ve never heard of them before and just how good they are because they’ve been doing this for years and chose NOT to go to WWE," he explained. "The secret to AEW is that we all have passion to be here because we want to be.”

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Makes Total Sense

This is a bit of a surprise as one would imagine the company would be out there trying to sign all of the talent it can, but Jericho makes sense.

It would do them the world of good to keep getting the wrestlers currently under their employ on the screens of fans as opposed to inflating the roster and keeping appearances few and far between.

Source: ScreenGeek.net

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