Chris Jericho Posts Insanely Controversial Photo On Instagram

Chris Jericho has dedicated his Wrestle Kingdom 12 match to some unexpected people and posted a controversial photo to Instagram along with it.

At the time of typing, this Chris Jericho's massive Wrestle Kingdom 12 match with Kenny Omega is just hours away. It seems like it was only yesterday that Y2J shocked the world and appeared on a screen at a New Japan Pro Wrestling show and a bloody attack and a crazy press conference later the matchup is almost upon us.

While both Jericho and Omega are from Winnipeg in Canada, both men have long and storied histories with Japanese wrestling. The Cleaner may be the most famous foreign star in New Japan's history while Jericho has visited the country over 60 times, most of which have been to wrestle. Before he was ever in WWE, The Ayatollah of Rock N' Rolla was making a name for himself in The Land of the Rising Sun.


Two men who were extremely close to Jericho at that time in his career were Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit. Both wrestlers have of course passed since then, and Jericho has rather controversially decided to dedicate his Wrestle Kingdom 12 match to the deceased pair. No one will take issue with the match being dedicated to Latino Heat, of course, but bringing up Benoit in this way may rub a few people the wrong way.

A fan sent Jericho a drawing of Y2J with Benoit and Guerrero looking over his shoulders and Omega's upcoming opponent decided to post it on Instagram. The caption alongside it includes that Jericho plans to dedicate the match to his "fallen brothers." At the time of typing this, the post is still on Jericho's Instagram but don't be surprised if it gets removed sometime soon following some backlash.

The match between Jericho and Omega is set to be one of the biggest of 2018 and the year will only be four days old. The fact that Y2J has dedicated the match to Chris Benoit will not take anything away from the spectacle that the bout will be. Plus, as Jericho will likely point out if he does get a lot of fans taking offense at the post, Benoit was a good friend of his and he did not know him as the man that he was during the final few days of his life.


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