5 Reasons Why CM Punk Is The Best Talker Of The Modern Era (& 5 Why It's Chris Jericho)

Both CM Punk and Chris Jericho have proclaimed themselves to be the 'Best in the World' during their careers, and each man certainly has a career legacy that will back up that statement.

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While both Jericho and Punk are fantastic in-ring workers, that much cannot be denied, arguably their greatest asset in wrestling is the fact they both have the gift of the gab, being incredible talkers.

In the modern era of wrestling, there are very few people who even come close to being as good as Punk and Jericho on the microphone, and within this list, we will give five reasons as to why each man is the definitive best talker of the modern era.

10 CM Punk: Long Promos

CM Punk was never a man to come out and burst out a few quick catchphrases and then leave. No, his promos would always be long, detailed, and as passionate as possible, with Punk having the ability to connect with an audience incredibly well.

This was especially true when he was the leader of the Straightedge Society where he would give literal sermons in the middle of the ring, including a lengthy promo spot during the 2010 Royal Rumble. Punk could capture the attention of the fans with his lengthy promos, which were in comparison to how Jericho was always the best at being incredibly energetic and upbeat.

9 Chris Jericho: A Man Of Many Catchphrases

Not every wrestler pushes catchphrases to the people, but nearly every top wrestler in history has a catchphrase that they would say during promos in order to engage the audience.

Chris Jericho, on the other hand, doesn't just have one catchphrase, or even two. No, he has tons of them, with Jericho constantly staying on top of current trends and keeping himself connected with the audience, giving them new material to stay fresh.

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Jericho also has the ability to get the most ridiculous things over as catchphrases, from the word 'it' to "A little bit of the bubbly" or even the click of a pen, which he somehow managed to make entertaining.

8 CM Punk: Confrontation

One aspect of CM Punk's promo abilities that were certainly better than Chris Jericho's was his confrontation ability, in terms of cutting killer promos against upcoming opponents and really selling the world on the match.

Punk was fantastic at making people believe he really hated his opponent and that is why he had some incredible confrontations with the likes of The Rock, Triple H, and Vince McMahon himself.

While Jericho wasn't bad at this by any stretch of the imagination, he just didn't have the same ability as Punk, who simply excelled in these positions.

7 Chris Jericho: Epic Debut

Wrestlers who have a lot of hype around them are often given major debut moments in order to capitalize on them and create an unforgettable moment, and more often than not it involves them hitting the ring and showing what they are capable of.

However, when WWE finally debuted the Millenium Man, which just so happened to be Chris Jericho, the company recognized that arguably his best talent was his ability to talk, giving him a huge promo debut.

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The fact WWE put him up against The Rock, who is often given credit for being one of the best talkers in history shows just how good Jericho is on the microphone, going head to head with someone of The Rock's level immediately.

6 CM Punk: Didn't Have WWE's Backing

The vast majority of Chris Jericho's career was spent in WWE, it is where he became a household name and WWE really did give him the platform to become that, with Vince McMahon being a major fan of him.

However, CM Punk wasn't given that same opportunity. He had to scratch and claw for everything he got in WWE, earning his spot in the main event after nearly being fired from WWE at the start of his career.

A large reason he became so successful is because of his promo work, showing that he was amongst the best talkers in the industry and had the ability to capture the attention of the world with ease.

5 Chris Jericho: Highlight Reel

If you want a good sign as to when WWE recognizes a wrestler is a great talker, then when someone gets given their own talk show on a regular basis, that is a big clue as to a wrestler's ability on the microphone.

Talk shows in WWE such as Miz TV can be used to advance a storyline for the wrestler who hosts it, or the company will use them to push another storyline through, showing the faith the company has in them as a talker.

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Chris Jericho is one of those wrestlers who was given his own talk show, with the popular Highlight Reel being one of the best talk shows in WWE history, which proved just how talented Jericho was at talking.

4 CM Punk: Commentary Work

While Chris Jericho was given his own talk show on a regular basis in WWE due to his ability on the microphone when CM Punk was injured in WWE the company placed him on commentary on Monday Night Raw.

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Even though having a talk show is a major sign of someone's ability as a talker, being on commentary is a totally different level of pressure, and CM Punk knocked it out of the park every time he was on the booth.

Punk was arguably better than the normal commentators who did it as a full-time job, with Punk being incredibly entertaining and informative, which is a huge sign of just how good he was at talking.

3 Chris Jericho: Using Humor

When you think about the great wrestling promos, they always tend to be incredibly serious, with the subject matter normally being something to do with an upcoming match or PPV event.

However, every now and then you get incredible comedy moments and wrestlers who have the ability to bring humor into their work, yet still be taken seriously, which is a trait that Jericho did have.

While Jericho can cut a serious promo and get anybody's attention, the fact he is able to goof around at times is a clear sign that he is one of the all-time greats on the microphone.

2 CM Punk: Pipe Bomb

Even though both Chris Jericho and CM Punk have cut some unbelievable promos in the modern era when you think of both men and their talking the first thing that comes to mind is Punk's classic Pipe Bomb promo.

When you think of promos in general, it is CM Punk's Pipebomb that often comes to mind first, and that shows just how impactful the former WWE Champion's rant on the entrance ramp was.

This is a promo that not only showed how good Punk is, but it also became arguably the most significant promo of the modern era, changing the game in wrestling, and that is a big reason why he is the best.

1 Chris Jericho: The Art Of Reinvention

While CM Punk did change his character around a few times during his wrestling career, he certainly never managed to get to the reinvention level of Chris Jericho, who is renowned for his ability to switch things up in order to stay fresh.

Whenever Jericho makes his return to wrestling he always does it with a fresh idea and something new, which is why he is so creative, even now in AEW and New Japan Pro Wrestling, Jericho is still changing things up in his character.

The fact he is able to make such drastic changes yet always entertain and feel like a main event talent is a testament to his ability on the microphone, with each different character always having a twist and a voice that just works to perfection.

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