Chris Jericho Says It's Presently "A Cool Time" For Wrestling Because Of AEW

Chris Jericho reckons the wrestling industry is going through its best period right now, thanks to All Elite Wrestling.

The AEW World Champion made his name in WWE and, prior to his cutting ties, was one of the most experienced stars on the roster - although he competed for other promotions such as NJPW.

With AEW having taken root, dropping multiple PPVs this year and debuting on TV last week, Jericho seems quite satisfied with the show's ratings and is happy fans have another legitimate option where their entertainment is concerned.

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The AEW champ was on KTLA 5 Morning News recently, describing All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite as "a huge hit."

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“It’s [AEW] a brand new company, backed by the owners of the Jacksonville Jaguars, and we just debuted on Wednesday, last Wednesday, on the TNT Network, to what was the highest-debuted show in 5 years for the network. A huge hit," he declared.

"It’s something different. People are excited because for the first time in 20 years there’s an alternative to the WWE, and it’s new, and it’s exciting, and it’s fresh, it’s fun.”

Jericho added that the wrestling business, on the whole, is benefitting from the startup company's come-up. AEW has put some lesser-known talents on display and fans seem to be impressed.

“So, when they come and watch me on the show, then they see all these other great performers that they’ve never watched. So, for me it’s a chance to do something, build something up from scratch, which has never happened in our lifetime for the wrestling business,” he explained. “It’s a really cool time for the business. We have created a whole buzz for wrestling now, to where it’s becoming cool again, and more specifically, AEW is cool.”

Let's Make Wrestling Cool Again

We're not sure about cool, but we certainly don't hate having all of these options. Hardcore fans could catch Raw on a Monday, NXT and Dynamite on a Wednesday (a little trickier to maneuver), SmackDown on a Friday, plus PPVs every month.

It's a great time to be a wrestling fan, no? You know what, Chris is right - this thing is cool.

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