Chris Jericho Joins Exclusive Club After Tokyo Dome Main Event

Chris Jericho became one of only three men to main event both a WrestleMania and a Tokyo Dome event following his match with Kenny Omega.

It was a match that the whole wrestling world was talking about and it didn't even happen within the realms of WWE. Chris Jericho versus Kenny Omega went down this past Thursday at Wrestle Kingdom 12, and both men certainly made a case for the best wrestlers in the world.

At the age of 47 Jericho still isn't done. The day after losing to Omega, Y2J seemingly revealed that he will be sticking around in New Japan for a little while yet. The six-time World Champion attacked Tetsuya Naito at New Year Dash, thus starting up a whole new rivalry in the Land of the Rising Sun. It would appear that Jericho wants to continue racking up wrestling firsts.


There's one very exclusive club that Jericho joined on Thursday that he may not even be aware of. As revealed by Kevin Kelly while calling Alpha versus Omega, Jericho is now one of just three people to main event the Tokyo Dome and a WrestleMania. The other two are Ric Flair and Brock Lesnar. Y2J main evented WrestleMania X8 against Triple H back in 2002, losing the Undisputed Championship.

While this stat is a very impressive one, it is a 'fact' that is up for debate. For starters some would argue that Jericho didn't main event Wrestle Kingdom 12. Yes, his and Omega's match was slated as the co-main event but it didn't go on last. People who believe that will likely also question when exactly The Nature Boy main evented a WrestleMania. His match with Randy Savage could be considered so, as could his retirement bout against Shawn Michaels. Again though both of those matchups were just one of many main events at the WrestleManias in question.

Whether you believe the stat to be a true one or not, what isn't up for debate is that Chris Jericho is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Y2J proved without a shadow of a doubt at Wrestle Kingdom 12 that he can still put on as good a match as he ever has. Here's hoping that his rivalry with Naito is an incredible one and that one day he will wrestle again in WWE, perhaps bringing some big New Japan names along with him.


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