Chris Jericho Files Trademark For "A Little Bit of the Bubbly"

All Elite Wrestling wanted to file a trademark for the phrase "A little Bit of the Bubbly," and rightly so, but AEW World Champion Chris Jericho beat them to it - also rightly so.

The superstar became AEW's first World Champion at All Out last month but he lost his belt shortly after, with the silverware disappearing while he dined at a Longhorn Steakhouse. He retrieved it in less than 24 hours and we still can't be sure the whole thing wasn't a work. But one thing's for certain, he's had a lot of a little bit of the bubbly since becoming top dog at AEW.

According to PWInsider, one of the filings is for "Goods & Services: Bandanas; Hats; Shirts; Sweatshirts. FIRST USE: 20190905. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20190905" and the other is for "Goods & Services: Champagne; Sparkling wines; Wine; Wines and sparkling wines."

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AEW filed for several other trademarks and some of them are listed below.

"G & S: Downloadable ring tones, graphics and music via a global computer network and wireless devices; video and computer game tapes, video and computer game discs, video and computer game cassettes, video and computer game cartridges, video and computer game cd-roms; downloadable video and computer game software; cinematographic and television films featuring sports, entertainment and subjects of general human interest; pre-recorded phonograph records, pre-recorded compact discs, pre-recorded video tapes, pre-recorded video cassette tapes, pre-recorded dvds and pre-recorded audio cassettes, all featuring sports, entertainment and subjects of general human interest; downloadable interactive video game programs and computer game cartridges; decorative refrigerator magnets; mouse pads; disposable cameras; sunglasses; sunglass cases; prescription glasses; and optical cases, namely, cases for spectacles and sunglasses; walkie talkies, protective helmets; sports helmets."

Looks Like There's a Whole Lot of Merch in Store

Well, if there were any doubts over an AEW video game - although there shouldn't have been - here you go.

You could find the complete list of things AEW filed to have their branding on at PWInsider.

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