Chris Jericho Finds 17 Year Old WCW Check Worth $0.15

Chris Jericho discovered a cheque earlier this week that he received from WCW back in April of 2000 worth a massive fifteen cents.

There are plenty of ridiculous stories that came out of the dying days of WCW. Over sixteen years since the company went out of business and was bought out by WWE, there are still new absurd tales making their way to the surface. We can thank former WCW Superstar Chris Jericho for the latest entertaining story involving his former employers. On Monday Y2J posted a photo to his Instagram which showed him holding a seventeen year old cheque made out to him from WCW. The value of the cheque? Fifteen cents.

Chris posted the photo earlier this week when apparently his niece found the cheque while tidying up some things in his house. The cheque is dated the 24th of April 2000, eight months after he had debuted for WWE meaning it must have been money WCW strangely thought they owed the nine time Intercontinental Champion. Jericho had mentioned in his book that he once received a cheque from WCW for a grand total of fifteen cents, and thanks to his niece we now have visual proof of the absurd act by the company.

Jericho astutely pointed out in the Instagram post that at the time the cheque would have been sent to him a stamp would have cost 33 cents, thus meaning the postage was worth twice as much as the cheque itself. Chris then goes on to say 'No wonder World Championship Wrestling went out of business!'. He certainly has a point.

Chris Jericho spent a grand total of three years in WCW during the late '90s, a period during his career that it's fair to say Y2J didn't particularly enjoy. The man who would go on to win six World Championships in WWE could never make it further up the card than the cruiserweight division while under WCW's banner and eventually became so disillusioned that he made his away across to WWE. The rest is history of course as Jericho is now part of the furniture at WWE and it's hard to imagine a time where he wasn't with the company.


There are so many things that contributed to the eventual down fall of WCW, and as silly as it might sound mistakes like this definitely added to it. Granted sending Jericho a fifteen cent cheque wouldn't have made any sort of financial difference, but it does represent how little attention was being paid in the company's final days that led to idiotic things like this happening.

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