Break The Walls Down: Chris Jericho's 10 Greatest Matches, Ranked

Chris Jericho has often called himself the best in the world at what he does for a reason, having competed at the top level for the likes of; WCW, ECW, WWE, New Japan, and now AEW, remaining a top star throughout his entire career.

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Jericho has always managed to reinvent himself in order to stay relevant throughout his career, but whilst his character work has always been first class, he has also been one of the best wrestlers during his era as well.

With a career spanning several decades with Jericho having faced some of the absolute best names in the history of the business, we will rank his 10 greatest matches in history.

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10 Chris Jericho vs Christian (WrestleMania 20)

In what is a very underrated WrestleMania match, Chris Jericho tangled with Christian over the affection of Trish Stratus, putting on a brilliant mid-card match that entertained everyone.

Jericho and Christian always worked well together, having brilliant in-ring chemistry and that was certainly on display in this match as they maximised their time to put on a brilliant encounter.

In the end, Trish left Jericho heartbroken as she opted to side with Christian, helping him win the match, but that doesn't take away from the excellent in-ring work the two men had put in throughout.

9 Chris Jericho vs CM Punk (WrestleMania 28)

The Best in the World vs The Best in the World, was a major dream match for most wrestling fans, with Chris Jericho making his return to WWE in order to specifically wrestle against CM Punk at WrestleMania.

Thankfully, the match delivered on all fronts with Punk and Jericho arguably at the very top of their game in this match as they put on a brilliant encounter against each other, mixing some fantastic technical wrestling with their classic move sets.

The crowd was firmly into this one which really helped things, with both men really performing at the peaks of their in-ring qualities.

8 Chris Jericho vs Eddie Guerrero (Fall Brawl)

The WCW cruiserweight division was a major positive of Eric Bischoff's product with the fast-paced action offering WCW something that WWE couldn't counter at the time, and Chris Jericho and Eddie Guererro were major parts of that.

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At Fall Brawl in the late 90s, the two men put on a clinic against each other in what was an incredible opening match that set a pace for the entire event with the duo clearly out to steal the show.

With a brilliant technical masterpiece on display, Jericho and Guererro ended up stealing the show, proving just how popular they were going to become.

7 Chris Jericho vs Rey Mysterio (The Bash)

Speaking of WCW cruiserweights, Rey Mysterio was another major name from that period and he and Jericho have competed countless times throughout their career, with the pick of the bunch coming at The Bash for WWE.

With the added Title vs Mask stipulation, the two men came up with an incredible finish as Jericho yanked off Rey's mask, only for Mysterio to be wearing another one underneath, tricking his opponent.

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It was a fantastic match that was kept to a high pace from start to finish and whilst neither man was the nimble WCW cruiserweight, they were instead genuine main event stars, which made this even better.

6 Chris Jericho vs Triple H (Fully Loaded)

This was a fantastic match that came at a time when Chris Jericho and Triple H were really breaking through as top main event talents as they battled in a Last Man Standing match that is considered to be one of the best in history.

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The match saw Triple H dish out tons of punishment as Jericho took an absolute beating, although Triple H spilt plenty of blood at the same time as the two men brawled to prove who was the better man.

It was a classic Triple H match in the sense that things built and built, whilst Jericho helped interweave the story, as they created an instant classic.

5 Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit vs Triple H & Stone Cold Steve Austin (Raw)

Chirs Jericho is never going to be remembered as a tag team wrestler, but he has certainly enjoyed some healthy tag team runs as champion, and he was also part of one of the best tag team matches in history.

Not only is this considered to be a great tag team match, but it is actually remembered as one of the greatest matches in the history of Monday Night Raw in a match famously remembered for Triple H tearing his quad muscle, and continuing to work.

Jericho himself rates this match highly in his own career and with good reason because this is an all-out brawl between four of the greatest of all time.

4 Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega (WrestleKingdom 12)

It is insane to think that Chris Jericho was able to have one of the best matches of his career at this stage, but that just goes to show how ridiculously talented the current AEW star is.

The world was shocked by the fact that Chris Jericho was going to work with another major company that wasn't WWE, but the idea of a dream match against Kenny Omega was a mouth-watering prospect.

The two men didn't let fans down either, tearing each other apart in a brutal match full of fantastic false finishes as they battled for over 30-minutes in what was just an all-out brawl.

3 Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit (Royal Rumble Ladder Match)

Matches involving Chris Benoit often get hidden in the background for many newer fans because of the fact that the WWE Network has blacklisted him on the WWE Network, but that doesn't mean that incredible matches like this simply didn't happen.

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Despite the Benoit situation being what it is, this is one of the best ladder matches in wrestling history and is easily one of Jericho's top matches as he battled against one of his greatest ever rivals.

The two men created some incredibly inventive spots that hadn't been seen in a ladder match prior to this moment and is one that is really worth digging for on the WWE Network.

2 Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels (No Mercy)

Whilst Chris Jericho's ladder match with Chris Benoit was a fantastic match, this one took things to a whole new level against a man who certainly knows a thing or two about ladder matches in Shawn Michaels.

Jericho's 2008 feud with HBK was arguably the greatest of his entire career with both men firing on all cylinders from promos to matches with the fans being connected with everything that they did.

This match earned every Match of the Year award possible and that is certainly deserved. Ending with a tug of war over the World Heavyweight Championship as Jericho had blood smeared over his face is a visual that will never be forgotten in wrestling.


1 Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels (WrestleMania 19)

Back to back Shawn Michaels/Chris Jericho matches and it isn't really a surprise as the Heartbreak Kid is easily going to go down as Jericho's greatest ever rival, no matter what he goes on to do in AEW.

Michaels had only just returned from injury when his feud with Chris Jericho broke into full effect leading into WrestleMania 19 and both men put on an incredible match on the biggest stage, proving why they are two of the absolute greatest.

Whilst Jericho might have had better placements on other WrestleMania cards, this was certainly his "WrestleMania moment," with this incredible back and forth match.

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