Watch: Chris Jericho Addresses Being Hit With A Hot Dog During Dynamite Ad Break

Dynamite's first show was packed with big moments, but our personal favorite is one that didn't even make the live broadcast.

The first episode of AEW Dynamite is in the books, and what a monumental show it was. The promotion's first Women's Champion was crowned, PAC continued his winning start by defeating Hangman Page, and the show ended with a captivating brawl which included about half the locker room, including a newly-signed Jake Hager (formerly known as Jack Swagger in WWE).

Being AEW's Champion, and the most recognizable face to the casual fan on the entire brand, Chris Jericho naturally featured pretty prominently on the show. Y2J first appeared after Dynamite's opening match, attacking a victorious Cody Rhodes. Should Rhodes keep winning, the pair will face off for the title at Full Gear next month, AEW's next PPV.

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Jericho would reappear later on in the show for the night's main event. He teamed with Santana & Ortiz, formerly known as LAX, to take on the team of Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks. It was that match that ended in chaos as Jon Moxley, Hager, and Rhodes all eventually joined the fray. However, it was a moment during the match that didn't even make the air that we want to focus on.

During a commercial break, the footage from which AEW has since posted on Twitter as you can see above, Jericho picked up a hot dog off the mat. The champ then held it aloft and asked into a mic, "who threw a wiener in the ring?" Judging by the smirk on the face of a fan the camera shows a close-up of, he is where we think Jericho should start his investigation. Y2J then smushes the sausage in his hand and angrily throws it to the floor.

Judging by what we hear from fans in attendance, WWE does very little during its ad breaks. Superstars either stand in the ring waiting or apply a hold and wait until they're back on the air. We much prefer the idea of wrestlers having a little fun as Jericho did during Dynamite last night. It's entertaining for the in-house fans, and gives AEW an entertaining exclusive clip to post on social media.

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