Chris Jericho Involved In Fight With Another Superstar

You can probably add another name to the List of Jericho.

Y2J is known for having some beef with wrestlers backstage. From getting into a real-life backstage fight with Goldberg or getting into a confrontation with Brock Lesnar after SummerSlam, Chris Jericho is no stranger to using his fisticuffs on his wrestling peers.

According to, while the WWE Superstars were busing to Glasgow for tonight's edition of Raw, Sin Cara was making loud noises and was asked multiple times to stop.

Jericho asked him to stop. Sin Cara then told him to F-off. The two got into a scrum, with Sin Cara throwing punches at Jericho before the latter bit him in the finger. The two were separated and Cara was thrown off the bus.

Hey Cara..You just made the list!

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Chris Jericho Involved In Fight With Another Superstar