Chris Jericho Joins In On Kevin Owens/David Otunga Twitter Feud

A shocking turn of events took place earlier this week when a fan on Twitter actually tweeted to David Otunga that he enjoyed a line of his on commentary. The fan was complimenting Otunga on a line he said at Survivor Series about Kevin Owens.

.@DavidOtunga Wow! You found the one person that enjoys your commentary. Let us know when you find one that enjoyed your in-ring work. pic.twitter.com/5ieIcUQjrG

— Kevin Owens (@FightOwensFight) November 22, 2016

As if KO's dig at Otunga wasn't enough ownage, his best friend Chris Jericho chimed in as well. And his zinger was just as good.

How about, It’s the battle of the #SmackdownStupidIdiots and I’m not talking about @davidotunga’s stupid fat face! https://t.co/sSsLor785C

— Chris Jericho (@IAmJericho) November 23, 2016

Without Vince McMahon screaming in his ear on how to respond, I doubt Otunga will be able to come up with a witty comeback to Jericho and Owens. He may have a George Costanza 'jerk store' moment on his hands.

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