Chris Jericho And Kenny Omega Trade Heated Blows During Twitter Battle

WWE superstar and future Hall of Famer Chris Jericho is no stranger to calling out or feuding with fellow wrestlers. His personal rivalries with guys like Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, and others have been well documented.

But this time, Y2J is getting into it with one of the world's top performers not employed by the WWE—Kenny Omega. Jericho, who has always said that "I'm the best in the world at what I do," didn't take kindly to this fan's tweet.

Omega (a Winnipeg native), then shot back at Jericho who grew up in the same city for much of his youth.

Twitter has been an extremely popular place for fellow wrestlers to bark at one another. Former WCW star Scott Steiner can often be found bashing current stars on the roster, while Roman Reigns took a jab at Conor McGregor.

This twitter beef between Jericho and Omega could certainly make for an entertaining on-screen rivalry down the stretch. Y2J has no problem losing to younger competition to help put them over, so it wouldn't be surprising if he did the same here.

Back in January, Triple H expressed interest in possibly signing Omega, who is part of the iconic Bullet Club alliance. Omega competed in multiple promotions around the world, including NJPW, TNA, and PCW. He even spent time in WWE's old developmental promotion, Deep South Wrestling.


Jericho recently completed an epic run as a heel (with The List of Jericho) and partnership/feud with Kevin Owens. For the last decade, he balanced time with the WWE and his band, Fozzy.

Though Jericho has been known for helping put others over, he did say he's "not coming back to help anybody out," according to EWrestlingNews. That could very well mean he doesn't want to return if it means putting young talent over.

Either way, a future Jericho and Omega feud would be great for the company. But Y2J has to return, and Triple H has to bring Omega over to the WWE for it to happen. The only other option would be to convince Jericho to work for another promotion, something he's said he has no desire to do.



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