Chris Jericho Never Watched A Kenny Omega Match Before

Chris Jericho recently revealed that prior to challenging Kenny Omega for a match at Wrestle Kingdom, he never watched one of "The Cleaner's" matches.

Chris Jericho will face Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 12 in January 2018, but apparently is yet to ever watch any of The Cleaner's matches.

It is a matchup that had the whole pro wrestling world talking over the last two weeks—Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega. A dream match that very few people believed we would ever see happen, and what's more it is happening outside of WWE. The super match will take place in New Japan Pro Wrestling at Wrestle Kingdom 12 and will mark the first time that Y2J has competed outside of WWE for almost 20 years.

The angle began when Jericho and Omega started taking barbs at one another on Twitter. Y2J accused Omega of not being able to make it to the big time while Omega shot back with accusations that Y2J is effectively a corporate stooge. Onlookers believed that it was likely building to a match between the two on the Jericho Cruise next October. Instead, it was revealed at Power Struggle that they will in fact clash at Wrestle Kingdom.


Both men have of course been bombarded with questions since the news broke, and Jericho took to Jim Ross's podcast, The Ross Report, to discuss the matchup. One of the more shocking revelations from Jericho and Ross''s discussion was Jericho's admission that he has never watched a Kenny Omega match. He did follow that up by saying between now and January he will watch a multitude of them in order to prepare for their battle in the Tokyo Dome.

At first glance, this seems like a simple dig by Jericho. This whole rivalry is being built on the back of Y2J accusing Omega of not being able to cut it in the big time and claiming that he hasn't even seen any of his opponent's matches just adds to that. Y2J did seem pretty sincere when he brought it up though, but let's be honest, no one can work the fans better than the nine-time Intercontinental Champion.


Jericho and Omega are both so good that the two of them could step into a ring tomorrow without having seen each other's work and put on a match of the year contender. As stated above it is a matchup that has got everyone talking and it will fit right into a card that is quickly shaping up to be a pretty unmissable one.

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Chris Jericho Never Watched A Kenny Omega Match Before