Chris Jericho Invades New Japan To Beat Down Kenny Omega [VIDEO]

Jericho vs Omega is shaping up to be the biggest match outside of WWE, and now, it's personal as Y2J showed up to deliver a beatdown to The Cleaner.

Chris Jericho showed up at New Japan Pro Wrestling's World Tag League Final and attacked his Wrestle Kingdom 12 opponent, Kenny Omega.

On Jan. 4, 2018, Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega will clash inside the Tokyo Dome at Wrestle Kingdom 12 in what will be a groundbreaking match. The feud began on Twitter and eventually, Y2J showed up on the screen during a New Japan show to challenge Omega to a match. Naturally, Kenny accepted.

Considering the pair's current geographical locations, it was assumed by most that the two of them would not be in the same building together before Wrestle Kingdom 12. Then at Monday's NJPW World Tag League Finals that all changed. Omega had just finished up defeating a trio dubbed Chaos with the help of The Young Bucks when Jericho once again appeared on the titantron. Chris began a sarcastic slow clap before the arena was plunged into darkness.

When the lights came back up Y2J was in the ring standing behind Omega. He delivered a Codebreaker to Omega before laying him out with Kenny's own IWGP United States Championship. After laying out a referee and a New Japan young boy Jericho added insult to injury to a bloodied Omega, rubbing the title in his face and then smearing The Cleaner's blood on his own cheek. Jericho finished up by taking out his friend and NJPW announcer Don Callis when he tried to put an end to the madness.


The attack from Jericho was an incredible and unexpected one. No one suspected that the six-time World Champion was in Fukuoka for the show so naturally, this is pretty big news. Following the blockbuster segment, The Best In The World At What He Does Today took to Instagram to post a video of himself. As you can see below he still had the blood of Omega smeared his cheek when he filmed it and wrote that he "made a special trip" in order to send a message to his Wrestle Kingdom 12 opponent.


As if the super match between Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega wasn't a big enough deal already, the two competitors just managed to shoot the angle off into the stratosphere. It's only a little more than three weeks now until the two of them clash inside the Tokyo Dome, so there may not be another chance for them to meet between now and then. In all honesty, if this instance is the only time then that would be perfect because now fans will constantly be expecting Jericho to show, so what better way to surprise them than to not have that happen again?

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Chris Jericho Invades New Japan To Beat Down Kenny Omega [VIDEO]