Chris Jericho Trolls NXT Following Its First Ratings Win

NXT finally beat Dynamite in the ratings after eight weeks of trying, but Chris Jericho is less than impressed.

As soon as it became clear Dynamite and NXT would air live on the same night at the same time, that two-hour slot was declared as the battlefield for the Wednesday Night War. Heading into week one of the war, how each show was going to was relatively unknown. However, since NXT started airing live two weeks earlier, it was probably safe to assume Dynamite would win that first one.

And it did, drawing in a very impressive 1.4 million viewers. Although there was an expected drop off the following week, Dynamite still outdrew NXT. Then again, and again, and for the first seven weeks, Dynamite has been watched by more fans than NXT. Finally, in week eight, the black and gold brand managed to register its first win.

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It was a narrow win, the margin was less than 30,000, but a win nonetheless. However, AEW Champion Chris Jericho is less than impressed with NXT's triumph. Shortly after news of the week eight ratings broke, Jericho tweeted "Remember guys, it’s a marathon not a sprint," in reference to comments Triple H made following NXT's week one ratings loss.

The Game was obviously inferring that other time, maybe even years, NXT would be the product being watched by most fans on Wednesday nights. His father-in-law Vince McMahon isn't quite as patient, though. As Jericho quite rightly pointed out in a follow-up tweet, Wednesday night's NXT show wasn't really a true NXT show. It featured a number of Superstars from Raw and SmackDown, and even some dream matches such as Rhea Ripley versus Becky Lynch.

The true test will be whether NXT can sustain and build on the impressive rating it registered this week. Since WarGames and Survivor Series are taking place this weekend, chances are normal service will be resumed by Monday and Superstars will be sticking to their respective shows. It depends how desperate WWE is to pop ratings across the board, and how bothered it is about being outdone by a brand new promotion every week.

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