10 Best Quotes Of Chris Jericho's Career

Chris Jericho has made a career out of coming up with some of the best promo one-liners in wrestling history. Aside from The Rock and possibly Ric Flair, no wrestler has delivered as many popular catchphrases as Jericho. The ability to talk on the microphone matched his superb in-ring skills. Jericho often dropped spectacular quotes in wrestling like it was nothing.

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We will look at the best comments from Jericho throughout the years in promos and interviews. Jericho clearly knew how to get his promos over with the live audience and those watching at home. Even this late in his career, the legend is able to deliver amazing quotes that create huge t-shirt sales for AEW. Find out just which lines stand out the most with the top ten quotes in Chris Jericho’s career.

10 "You're gonna get... IT!"

Many of Chris Jericho’s best quotes organically turned into catchphrases due to the audience loving them. This one made a huge impact on the fans as Jericho started using it quite often. The comedic timing of Jericho made it even better as time went on.

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Jericho would pause when a wrestler asked what exactly they were going to get before following it up with an empathic “IT!” The master of promos showed that he could get the word “it” over enough to make fans want to hear him say it again.

9 "Will you please shut the hell up?"

Chris Jericho found his way into verbal battles every day during the Attitude Era. Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, The Rock, and many others went back and forth with Jericho on the microphone. This quote turned into another catchphrase for him to combat his opponents.

Jericho not so politely asked them to stop speaking in a manner that riled up the crowd. There reached a point where the audience even started chanting along him. Jericho shut down many of his enemies with this beloved quote.

8 "I am the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla!"

This quote was a bit out there considering it came in wrestling, but Chris Jericho was a master of words in any context. The early years of Jericho in WWE featured him getting to have creative freedom in coming up with his funny jokes.

Fans surprisingly gravitated towards this quote as it ended up becoming one of his nicknames. WWE even sold a t-shirt with the phrase on it. Jericho sometimes just spouted out comments that ended with him getting t-shirt sales or fan chants.

7 "You stupid idiot"

The quote here ended up playing a huge role in Chris Jericho’s most recent WWE run. Jericho getting to exude his egotistical heel character allowed him to run wild with some of his comments making fun of his opponents and the audience.

The term “stupid idiot” was used quite often by Jericho to shut down his naysayers. Fans started loving it even though they were the ones insulted by him at times. The phrase would get chanted towards Jericho in a lovingly way to make it popular.

6 “A little bit of the bubbly”

The AEW run of Chris Jericho has shown he is still at the top of his game. Jericho has provided a few impressive matches, but his promos have put him over the top. The post-match celebration backstage after becoming the first AEW Champion created a viral moment no one saw coming.

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Jericho’s tone and timing of using the phrase “a little bit of the bubbly” led to the clip getting shared all over the internet with hundreds of memes. AEW received extra attention thanks to Jericho’s throwaway quote and the t-shirt sales for the bubbly have made them all a lot of money.

5 "Welcome to Raw is Jericho."

Sometimes all you need is a subtle quote to get people into saying it often. Chris Jericho tried getting “welcome to Monday Night Jericho” over on WCW’s Nitro, but the lack of push on the show made his comments have less meaning.

WWE signing Jericho gave him the first stage to truly get his verbal skills over. Jericho started using the phrase “welcome to Raw is Jericho” each week and it was a huge hit. Fans still wanted to hear Jericho say it during his most recent WWE run as a timeless quote.

4 "I am the best in the world at what I do."

Chris Jericho’s heel character in the late 2000s dominated WWE television. Everything Jericho did was on point, with all-time great feuds against Shawn Michaels and Rey Mysterio at different points. Jericho even had his best stints as World Champion in WWE.

The quote "I am the best in the world at what I do” became part of his act. Jericho said it once to get some heel heat, but it ended up sticking since many fans believed it to be true. The sweet spot of fans either hating him for saying something so arrogant or agreeing with him make the quote a huge success.

3 "I give you the gift of Jericho. Drink it in, man."

The recent WWE run of Chris Jericho gave him the chance to get even more promo work over as he intentionally looked to experiment with new quotes. Jericho said this one as a throwaway line one night, but the inflection of it made fans react with huge laughter.

The quote would get over enough for Jericho to start using it most weeks. Jericho would even start dragging out the word “man” to make it sound more ludicrous. Some fans wish Jericho could say it in AEW, especially with the tie-in to the bubbly, but it remains a great memory from his WWE run.

2 "You just made the list!"

Chris Jericho’s most popular gimmick during his recent WWE run came when he started an actual list of people that wronged him. The list was referenced one night by Jericho in a promo with fans enjoying the comedy, but no one expected him to have a physical list.

Jericho took the quote to the next level by bringing the list to Raw every week and threatening to put new people on it. Some of the most humorous moments of Jericho’s list featured him adding James Ellsworth, New Day, AJ Styles and AJ Styles’ soccer mom haircut all to the list of Jericho.

1 "I'm from Winnipeg, you idiot."

The best quote from Chris Jericho was one he could not have planned on his own. A heckler tried to insult Jericho during a match by telling him to go back to Toronto. Jericho replied instantly by telling the fan "I'm from Winnipeg, you idiot."

Social media would see the clip grow more famous throughout the years as one of the best comebacks in wrestling history. Jericho would bring the quote back a few more times during promos to a huge pop from the audience. It was a lesson to fans to never heckle Jericho without expecting a savage result.

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