Chris Jericho Returns to SmackDown Live To Challenge For US Title

Chris Jericho shocked fans by returning to SmackDown Live on Tuesday night, cashing in his United States Championship rematch.

As expected this past Tuesday on SmackDown Live, a rather braggadocios Kevin Owens opened the show in order to gloat about his United States title win at Battleground on July 23, 2017. It was also no surprise that the defeated former champion AJ Styles soon arrived in the ring to demand a rematch that he was rightfully owed. This was all par for the course, but then we were treated to something extra that we weren't expecting.

Mid-way through Styles and KO's argument about when and where exactly The Phenomenal One's championship rematch would take place, the one and only Chris Jericho's music hit and the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla joined the festivities. As Y2J correctly pointed out, he was also owed a US Championship rematch. The last time Jericho appeared on WWE television was when Owens defeated him for the title before sidelining him through injury.

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Once The Prizefighter got over the shock of his former best friend turned bitter enemy being back on SmackDown Live, he returned to his original mantra that there was no way he would be defending the title that night. The blue brand's commissioner Shane McMahon had other ideas though and set up a triple threat match for later that evening in order for both Styles and Jericho to cash in their rematches in one swoop.

Jericho's return may not have seen him re-crowned United States Champion—that honor fell to the Phenomenal One after he emerged victorious in the aforementioned triple threat—but it left many in the WWE Universe breathing a sigh of relief. There were rumors that Y2J's previous stint with the company would be his last, but thankfully the pro wrestling veteran is still unable to tear himself away from the business that made him famous.


Whether Chris Jericho is back for good once again or simply for a short stay between now and SummerSlam remains unclear. The multi-talented Superstar does have another European tour coming up later this year with his band Fozzy, so if he is still with WWE at that time, he will need to duck out for a while once again. Still, no matter what length of time it is, fans are happy to see him again, and will never tire of Chris Jericho comebacks.

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