Chris Jericho Reveals Who Is On "The List Of Jericho"

A few weeks ago on RAW, Chris Jericho came out with his "List of Jericho," which was originally all about Mick Foley (and how bad a job Jericho thinks Foley is doing as RAW GM). However, during the segment, so many other people started to piss him off that he started a new list of, as he said, "stupid idiots."

And this week, he went on Facebook and posted that "List of Jericho" for all to see:

- Mick Foley > Screwing over Y2J, Y2J's best friend Kevin Owens and the entire show. Terrible fashion sense

- WWE Fan in Memphis, Tennessee


* Enzo Amore and Big Cass

* The Shining Stars

* The New Day

* The Club (Gallows and Anderson)

- The cameraman during Highlight Reel with KO > Wrong side to shoot

- Enzo (not "Ezmo") Amore and Big Cass (2nd time) > Interrupting Y2J and KO

- Seth Rollins > Injured again

- Kofi (not "Kofy") Kingston > Questioning Y2J and KO's friendship

- Big E > Not allowing Y2J to the champion's huddle

- Xavier Woods > Laughing

- Xavier Woods - Making joke of Y2J's best friend Kevin Owens

- Ashton Kutcher > Showing up in Los Angeles

- Danny Masterson > > Showing up in Los Angeles

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