Chris Jericho Calls McGregor To WWE A Matter of When, Not If

By all accounts but one, Conor McGregor's foray into boxing was a huge success. He made millions of dollars, stood toe-to-toe with one of best fighters in boxing history, and the fighting world is his oyster to do with as he pleases. He'll be making a major money no matter where he chooses to go next and for that reason, his next stop may not be the WWE (a company looking to cut back on costs). But according to Chris Jericho, that's only going to delay the inevitable.

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Jericho, who is currently touring and promoting his new book No Is A Four Letter Word, told Sports Illustrated during an interview that he believes, while it might not happen right away, it's only a matter of when McGregor will make his way into a WWE ring.

"Will Conor McGregor end up in the WWE? I think it's a no-brainer," Jericho said. "It might not be this year or the year after that because there's a lot of money that you got to spend to get him in there. But a guy that yappy, who knows the concept of cutting a wrestling promo... I think Conor will definitely end up there, it's just a matter of when he wants to."

McGregor has proven over his multiple fights in MMA and during his press tour leading up to the fight with Floyd Mayweather, he clearly has the skills to cut a promo and if he can keep his rants PG, he could be the biggest star to join the WWE in years. As a fighter with the presence of a Brock Lesnar (although not a heavyweight), he adds the gift of gab that Lesnar does not. He clearly understands that art of promotion and McGregor has publicly acknowledged his respect for Vince McMahon and his marketing ability.

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Jericho was sure to add that he believes McGregor won't be the only MMA fighter to join the WWE. "I also think Ronda Rousey will eventually end up there, one way or another as well." If you watch the social media feeds of Triple H, it's not hard to see why Jericho might think so.

Even if it takes two years, once McGregor joins the WWE, he'll have plenty of people to respond to. It wasn't that long ago when the Irish MMA fighter used Twitter to call wrestlers "messed up p-----s" and said he'd "slap the head off the entire roster."

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