Chris Jericho Explains How He Got Styles Clash Unbanned

As brutal as the sport of wrestling can be, the WWE has to look out for the safety of their wrestlers and they some times do that by banning certain moves. When AJ Styles broke into the WWE there was some concern over his finishing move the Styles Clash.

There was even a report that WWE owner Vince McMahon was worried about the move since it broke the neck of Yoshi Tatsu when things went horribly wrong during a match with Styles and for a while, AJ Styles didn't use the move, which led to people assume that it was banned. It turns out that Chris Jericho is a big reason why the move was actually "unbanned."

Jericho made a recent radio appearance on 107.7 The Bone with Baby Huey & Bimbo Jimbo and he explained what happened and how the move ended up getting cleared by McMahon.


“He had this finishing move called the Styles Clash which was kind of unofficially banned in the WWE because there were rumors that people had gotten hurt from it and all that sort of thing, but I knew it was a great move," he said via

It sounds like without Jericho, Styles wouldn't be able to use his move since he allowed Styles to use it on him and then eventually McMahon was OK with it.


“Eventually I went to Vince and said, 'Did you see that move that AJ Did?' Never using the words the Styles Clash because I knew…that name is taboo. So, I said you know that move where he picks me up and dumps me on my face?…He should use that as a finish!” [and McMahon said] ‘Yes, absolutely use it as a finish’.”


When you look at the Styles Clash in the video above, I can see how there would be concern over the safety of the opposing wrestler.

We have to admit that it is a great looking move, but if Styles accidentally drops the guy he's holding, or if the wrestler taking the move doesn't position his head properly, his neck will certainly break, or he will suffer some sort of serious injury that could end up being life threatening.


As we've seen over the years, accidents happen all the time and that's what these guys sign up for. They know the risks and are willing to take them in order to entertain their fans every night that they're in the ring.

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