Chris Jericho Wanted To Be The Gene Okerlund Of His Generation

Professional wrestling is pretty unique when it comes to the age that its athletes can perform until. Sparing a build up of concussions or injuries more wrestlers compete well into their 40s and some even further beyond that. At the age of 47 Chris Jericho is one of those performers that just keeps going and one that wants to give back to the business in any way that he can.

While he was under contract with WWE Jericho had matches with pretty much every Superstar that was brought in. That was no coincidence. One reason Y2J worked with the likes of Finn Balor, Kevin Owens and Shinsuke Nakamura is because Vince McMahon entrusted him to do so. The six time World Champion will have also asked to work with the above names and more.

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It's not as if Jericho turned 45 and just decided to start helping younger wrestlers. His desire to help the next generation of stars goes back years and while on The Steve Austin Show recently he divulged his original idea for the Highlight Reel. 'My idea when I started the Highlight Reel was I wanted to be the Gene Okerlund, have guys that didn't get promo time, and let me do an improv promo', Jericho explained to Austin and his listeners.

If you're going to model your speaking ability after anybody in the wrestling business then Gene Okerlund is a strong choice. There are very few interviewers as talented as Mean Gene and clearly his ability helped a lot of wrestlers from Jericho's generation. Unfortunately Vince McMahon did not have the same vision for the Highlight Reel as Y2J and wanted to use it as a way to showcase already established talent.

Even though the Highlight Reel didn't pan out in the way that Jericho had wanted it to that hasn't stopped him from helping out up and coming stars in WWE. Instead Y2J has helped them establish themselves in the ring. While most of the wrestlers he helps are already terrific in-ring performers it is a whole different world in WWE and Jericho has helped them prepare for and get used to that.


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