Chris Jericho To Bring Popular NJPW Gimmick To AEW

Jericho is never afraid to reinvent himself. But, a recent post by the AEW Champion suggests a gimmick he's showcasing and presenting to AEW fans, isn't all that new.

A recent Instagram post by Jericho notes that he'll be bringing back a character he debuted in New Japan Pro Wrestling and one that was quite popular, terrorizing NJPW for over a year. Called The Painmaker, Jericho has warned challenger to the AEW Championship, Darby Allin, about what's coming.

Jericho issued a promo last week directed at Allin. Meant to sell his upcoming battle with Allin in a Philadelphia Street Fight for the title, Jericho is adding more intrigue. It's Jericho's first title defense on AEW's new TNT show and Allin earned the spot after defeating Jimmy Havoc. As if having the first-ever AEW Championship defense wasn't enough to attract fans, during that promo, Jericho mentioned bringing the pain and The Painmaker to AEW. He said, "Next week, Chris Jericho's not going to be in Philadelphia, but The Painmaker will be. I'll see you then, Darby. It's going to be the match of your career, it's also going to be the last one. You're welcome."

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For fans who aren't familiar with the Painmaker, Jericho took to Instagram today and shared photos of the gimmick from New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Allin Has Responded And The Match Should Be Fantastic

Allin responded to the promo and warning from the champion by saying Jericho believed he was better than everyone. He added:

"You need to be humbled, in no better way than losing to me. Someone you view, so poorly. And when I win that AEW Championship, I don't need a huge after-party, I don't need champagne. Your blood on my hands, will be my high. October 16, Darby Allin versus Chris Jericho, Philadelphia Street for the AEW Championship. And for me to win that championship, Chris, all it takes is seconds."

AEW keeps raking up the strong writing and good ideas while WWE seems to be floundering with a messed up Draft that's not gotten a lot of positive feedback. Will this be another ratings win for AEW vs NXT?

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