Chris Jericho Weighs In On Roman Reigns!

In an interview with for his new WWE DVD release, which you can see in full here, Chris Jericho was naturally asked about all the venom being directed at Roman Reigns and his main event match with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31. The opinionated Jericho naturally didn't stay neutral and instead went on the offensive for Roman Reigns, saying that his match at Fastlane with Daniel Bryan was fantastic. Although many believe Bryan carried that match alone, Jericho has a different opinion, saying " And you can't tell me that it was all because of Daniel Bryan. Really? Because I always heard in the business that it takes two. And I think I've proven myself to be a fairly decent worker, so if I'm telling you it takes two, I think every fan should shut the hell up and listen to what I'm saying."

If Jericho is saying it, we should probably shut the hell up and listen.

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Chris Jericho Weighs In On Roman Reigns!