Chris Jericho Returning To WWE For Tour Of Singapore And Japan

Chris Jericho has been added to the list of Superstars appearing on WWE's tour of Singapore and Japan taking place later this week.

Following this week's editions of Raw and SmackDown Live, WWE is headed out to the Far East where they will tour Singapore and Japan. It was announced over the weekend that fans venturing out to see the travelling Superstars will be getting an added bonus, and that bonus will be Chris Jericho. Despite currently being absent from the company following his rivalry with Kevin Owens, Y2J will return this week to take part in the international tour, but as it stands will not be making any televised appearances.

Jericho was written off of WWE television at the beginning of May after he won and lost the United States Championship in the space of 48 hours, bringing the curtain down on his and Kevin Owens' long running rivalry. It was a long stint in WWE for Chris that came to an end due to him having touring commitments with his band, Fozzy. In the two months that Y2J has been away, Fozzy has toured the United Kingdom as well as making an appearance on Download Festival's main stage.

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As reported by Sportskeeda on Sunday Jericho will be returning to the WWE fold for three dates only, and it will be as a member of the Raw brand. Chris is officially supposed to be on the SmackDown Live side of things - a place he earned by defeating KO at Payback - but WWE probably has bigger plans than a non-televised tour.

Chris Jericho has a long and storied relationship with the Far East, Japan in particular. The self proclaimed Greatest Of All Time spent a long time in The Land Of The Rising Sun cutting his teeth before he ever set foot in WWE. On his podcast, Talk Is Jericho, Chris often discusses his time wrestling in Japan and how he believes all wrestlers should spend some time there and learn their style before they truly make it in the US. His popularity in that part of the world will only add to the success of the tour as a whole.


Every time Jericho leaves WWE now fans are left questioning whether it will be the last time they ever see him perform in the ring. Y2J has been wrestling for over 25 years but although time is against him, it doesn't seem to be slowing him down. Fans can more than likely rest assured that if you miss him on his upcoming tour of Singapore and Japan, you won't have missed the last ever time the six time World Champion ever steps foot in a WWE ring.

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