Christian Takes Credit For Giving WWE Superstar His Current Gimmick

Former WWE Superstar Christian believes he might deserve partial credit for the current gimmick that Aiden English is sporting on SmackDown Live.

Present day WWE is a very different place to the one our heroes used to wrestle in 20 to 30 years ago. For the most part back then if a Superstar was selected by the powers that be to be the company's top guy or loved by the fans then that's simply the way it had to be. Yes there were exceptions such as Lex Luger and Kevin Nash, but not to the extent that rejection and acceptance happens nowadays.

With the rise of social media fans can make their feelings known about certain Superstars and shows almost instantaneously. The latest act to become a hit on WWE television through the backing of the fans and not necessarily the promotion itself is Rusev and Aiden English. Fans are chanting for the Rusev Day pair every Tuesday night, whether they're in the ring or not.


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A key part of the double act's charm is what English brings to the table, and that's his singing. The former NXT Tag Team Champion has a great singing voice but still manages to make it annoying in order to fit his and Rusev's characters. It was a terrific idea to have him rekindle the gimmick following the release of his former tag partner Simon Gotch, but you may be surprised to hear where the idea apparently originated.

According to the latest episode of E&C's Pod Of Awesomness, co-host Christian believes that he gave English the idea to incorporate singing into his character. 'He sings in his promos and I told him if he sang for everything like his entire life was a musical', Christian said on the podcast when speaking about meeting English while he was in NXT. The multiple time Tag Team Champion also joked about giving Rusev one of his old catchphrases to use and to start saying 'one more machka'.


As Christian pointed out while taking partial credit for English's singing gimmick, the SmackDown Live star was already putting his voice to good use in promos when he gave him the advice. It does sound like the former World Champion planted the seed to have English take the gimmick further though and knowing Vince McMahon it's likely why English kept his job when Gotch did not.

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