Christian Deserves To Be Inducted Into The 2018 WWE Hall Of Fame

Goldberg was just announced as the headliner of the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame, and there are many other people we can think of who deserve a spot, but we can’t dedicate whole articles to all of them or we’d never sleep. So, instead what we are going to do is select one person, and make a case as to why they should join the WCW legend in this year's class, and that person is going to be Captain Charisma, Christian.

He may not be as accomplished in the WWE as his former partner Edge, with whom he came to prominence in WWE with, but looking back on his career, he’s done more than several performers currently in the Hall of Fame. In a career spanning almost 2 decades, Christian won the ECW Championship (x2), Intercontinental Championship (x4), Tag Team Championship (x9), World Heavyweight Championship (x2) and several more, and that alone is deserving of a spot. This obviously won’t be included in any WWE speech, but he also won the TNA/NWA World Heavyweight Championship twice, and it’s just a testament to how good he is, and how consistently entertaining he can be in a wrestling ring.

But any great wrestler can have great matches and win plenty of championships if they’ve got the right guy in their corner (reportedly Christian had Vince McMahon actively working against him though, making his feats even more impressive), so what else did he bring to the table?

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As a member of the legendary Edge and Christian tag team, the two were as diverse and entertaining as anyone in the company, with their famous 5-second pose still being one of the best parts of Raw history. But Christian’s abilities didn’t just lay in that tag team, as he went on to have exhilarating feuds with the likes of Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit and later Randy Orton, proving that he had the ability to wrestle as a babyface or heel. You may or may not like Christian, but it’s hard to refute talent, and he will go down as one of the most talented performers to ever step foot inside a WWE ring.


After leaving the WWE for TNA during the mid 2000s, he had great success. However, he returned to the WWE on its ECW brand, and it was here that he proved he was a top guy within the WWE. He carried the likes of Jack Swagger to great matches, and had a string of matches that could be considered the best of his career, a testament to just how well he adapted over his career. Sure, he didn’t have a run at the top that would cement him as one of the greatest of all time, but WWE’s booking was all over the place at that time and we know he deserved it. His victory over Alberto Del Rio with Edge by his side was one of the most emotional moments of the entire WWE PG Era, and it proves just how diverse a performer Christian truly was.

It seems like just anyone is going into the Hall of Fame these days, and Christian is as decorated as anyone in all of wrestling over the past 20 years. With a list of accomplishments that would make anyone jealous, we believe it should be this year that he goes in. There is an argument to be made that Christian should be headlining his own Hall of Fame class, but with guys like The Rock, The Undertaker, Chris Jericho, John Cena and Triple H all candidates to go in over the next few years, he may just have to accept playing second fiddle again.

With all that said, we believe Christian will go down as a top star in wrestling history, and although he never got the top run he deserved in any big company, he is a certain Hall of Famer and should join Goldberg in the 2018 class.


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