Christopher Daniels Returns Disguised As Pentagon During AEW Tag Title Match

Christopher Daniels made a dramatic return to AEW at Full Gear disguised as one of the wrestlers who put him out of action weeks ago.

One of AEW's goals right off the bat has been to put together the best tag team division in wrestling today. It has certainly done a pretty good job so far. Some of AEW's best matches during this first year have been tag team affairs. Plus, the tournament to crown its first Tag Team Champions has been the focal point of a fair few episodes of Dynamite thus far.

The very first match of the tournament featured a massive upset as Private Party defeated top seeds The Young Bucks. Private Party couldn't go the whole way, though. That honor was reserved for SoCal Uncensored who defeated The Lucha Bros in the final, something of a grudge match after Pentagon and Fenix took out Christopher Daniels earlier in the tournament.

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The two finalists clashed again at Full Gear, but with Private Party joining the, well, party. A triple threat tag team match for the Tag Team Titles. A chance for the first-ever title change in AEW history. That did not happen. Despite Private Party looking as if they had pulled off yet another huge upset, SCU rallied to retain their titles.

It was what happened after the match that will make headlines, though. The lights went out and when they came back on, there was a second Pentagon in the ring standing across from the real one. The imposter then proceeded to drop his doppelganger and then take out Fenix too. Once his work was done, the fake Pentagon removed his mask to reveal his identity, and it was Daniels.

Daniels swung a steel chair at The Lucha Bros as they made their escape before standing in the ring alongside his SCU brethren. Pentagon and Fenix not only took away his chance to be one half of AEW's first-ever Tag Team Champions but did some serious damage to him in the process. All for the purposes of an angle, of course, at least we hope. Perhaps SCU will now be able to employ the Freebird Rule and Daniels can still technically be a part of AEW's first-ever Tag Title reign.

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